New Voter’s Register: “I am sad Ghana is moving backwards” – Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings 

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Compilation of a new voter’s register by the Electoral Commission of Ghana ahead of the December 2020 polls has become a topical issue across the country in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Many Ghanaian citizens including political elements have had their say on the subject matter for which some section of the people agreed for a new voter’s register compilation and others object the decision.

In a contrary view, the former first lady of the Republic of Ghana Her Excellency Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings with much worry has noted that she is sad that Ghana is moving backwards again, after all the struggle for independence. According to her, if we are going to be able to arrest issues on the new voter’s register, then there is a need for some key topical issues to be addressed.

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“The issue of voters register vis-a-vis election and voting /democracy are all interrelated. We cannot say that we are going to have credible elections when it is clear that the electoral process is flood.” He explained.

According to the founder and the flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP) who was the first Ghanaian female to run for the 2016 presidential elections said, “once it has been discovered, that some pictures were actually scanned and pushed into the register, it already floods the register, totally flood and once it is flooded, that alone without talking about all the other issue shows that something has to be done.”

The wife of the former president Jerry John Rawlings has added that, “It is not up to the electoral commissioner Mrs. Jean Mensa of EC to decide that she will or she will not do what the people of Ghana want. Rather, she is there to do what the people of Ghana want in consultation with the people that she is working with and the parties around. Not in consultation with me and I, that is not it.” She further explained.

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Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlimgs expressed her dissatisfaction by saying “so, if pictures can be scanned and put onto the register, it already negates it, its negated and must be discarded.”

She advocated strongly that, it will be appropriate a new voter’s register is compiled since the old one is flooded with inconsistencies and has breached the electoral processes. “Why don’t we just have a new register that will be more credible, make everybody in Ghana happy?”  She asked.

She noted that, since almost all parties, individuals and well recognized groups are saying the old register is flooded with errors, why worry yourself about it as a person. In addition, she said, it will be more appropriate to have a further discussion on the subject matter to have a lasting consensus ahead of the December 2020 polls. “If all those recognized groups are saying the same thing, then, we cannot all be wrong, we cannot all be wrong and one person be right. So it is important to revisit it.” She concluded.

Watch the full video of Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings in an interview with Joy News on our YouTube channel. 


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