North Tongu is doing fairly well with the ongoing voter’s registration exercise – Mornyuie Kennedy

The Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress for the North Tongu Constituency Mr. Mornyuie Kennedy disclosed that, the constituency is doing fairly well with the Electoral Commission’s ongoing voter’s registration exercise.

According to him, the Phase three of EC registration enters day 4 today. From day one of start of EC’s registration in our beloved North Tongu, all of us have been superb in ensuring one way or the other that as many if not all of the good Constituents of North Tongu has registered from centers visited so far even though without challenges.

That singular effort checking from the numbers entered into Electoral Commission’s data base so far points to a positive outlook.


“Using this regularly visited medium of communication, I want to entreat each and everyone of us to press on from our various corners, encourage our community folks to make meaning of the ongoing registration by enrolling on to the register.” He urged.

In fact, benefits abound possessing the voter ID Card

1. For business transaction purposes
2.  Bank transaction
3. Travelling ID
4. MOMO transactions
5. Voting to elect who leads you etc.
6. A panacea for allocation of development projects to a particular area
7. For planning purposes

“My plea further is that let’s educate our people about the essentiality of the registration and the need for them to go out in their numbers to register as first lap to oust corruption reeling government of Nana Addo.”

He said, all former executives of the party at all levels must lead the charge. Remember it’s not over until it’s over. Remember also it’s good to be a messenger in government in power than a general secretary in opposition, as former president Kufuor opined.


According to him, “the office of the flagbearer (incoming president) National leadership of our party, Regional leadership, Constituency manners of party and branch executives body of the great NDC party is reassuring her numerous base that the next NDC government gonna create enabling environment for all well meaning Ghanaians and for that matter great NDC members. That is a given!”

Mr. Mornyuie Kennedy added that, one other way we must as loyal party folks keep the NDC afloat is to watch closely the behavioural change of our opponents. Their modus operandi around the the election matters before, during and after the registration process as well as the December 7th elections.

“Let’s quickly notify leadership when we suspect anything fishy that has the propensity to influence and compromise the integrity of the election. This way, we are assured of Victory. The gatekeepers of North Tongu constituency Executives Body are arm opened to listened to every, suggestions, advice, questions for clarification tailored to towards actualising the ultimate goal of the NDC.”

In conclusion, he is confident that, the NDC is winning this year’s election get involved and be counted. Together We Win 2020.


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