NPP touts major reasons for losing 32 Parliamentary seats in 2020 Polls


The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has touted some key reasons which contributed to some thirty-two (32) NPP Members of Parliament who lost their seat in the December 2020 Polls.

According to the Part leadership, there is no gainsaying that the New Patriotic Party’s performance in the December 2020 general elections has not been all rosy particularly in the parliamentary elections which saw the party make a net loss of as many as 32 seats.

Opinion: Breaking the eight; NPP must be guided by history


The Patty said, a cursory review and analysis of the outcome of the elections would reveal that the loss of these parliamentary seats was occasioned by a number of factors including in particular a significant breakdown of relationships between party and government at the local level.

“It has been contended that the consultative processes that went into the selection and appointment of some of these MMDCEs were not thorough and rigorous enough. Much as this position is arguable, it is nonetheless very imperative for the party and the appointing authority to review the processes that were used in 2017 for the selection and appointment of MMDCEs with the view to enhancing same.”

“With the benefit of hindsight, it is suggested that a uniform mechanism or standard is employed and religiously followed to the latter by the party/appointing authority to guide the appointment process this year, 2021. The process must be one that involves the active participation of the party grassroots while maintaining the authority of the regional and national party as well as the appointing authority to guide the process to the end.” They said.



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