Pastor Maldonado Age, Wife, Family, Wins, Pay Driver, Crash

Pastor Maldonado Net Worth

Pastor Maldonado

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Pastor Maldonado Age, Wife, Family, Wins, Pay Driver, Crash;

Pastor Maldonado was the first Venezuelan to win a prize in the Formula One Grand Prix in 2012. He is a professional racing driver and before participating in Formula One, he had participated in and won the GP2 Series Championship in 2010

Pastor Maldonado Age 

Pastor Maldonado is 37years old as at May 16, 2022 and he was born on March 9th, 1985 in Maracay, Venezuela.

Was Pastor Maldonado a Pay Driver?

Yes. He was a paid driver and aside from being a paid driver, he also gained much reputation over his career as wild and unpredictable on the circuit. He was nicknamed the Crashtor.

How many times did Pastor Maldonado Crash?

The pastor had a crash counting to 40 crashes in the period of 5 years  and was known as the King of Crashing during his active days as F1 driver from 2011-2015.

Why did Pastor Maldonado leave F1?

After driving for 5 seasons as an F1 racing driver retired from his first race at the Australian Grand Prix due to transmission problem.

Where is Pastor Maldonado Now?

Pastor Maldonado now spends his own time with his family and wishes to celebrate his decade luckily win of the Spanish Grand Prix on the 20th -22nd of May.

What is Pastor Is Maldonado Famous For?

Maldonado is famous for being the Venezuelan professional racing driver who completed F1 for the Williams from the period (2011-2013) and the lotus in the year 2014-2015 and the Pirelli test motorist until 2017.

Pastor Maldonado Win

He gained his win in 2012 by his untimely crossing the line in three seconds and gaining the bragging right of being the the first-ever Venezuelan race winner and after eight years of giving Williams their first victory.

Pastor Maldonado Wife

In 2012 December 15 he married a Venezuelan journalist Gabriela Tarkanyi in the city known as Canaima in Venezuela.

Pastor Maldonado Children

Just a year after their marriage, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl called Victoria   in September 2013.

Pastor Maldonado Family

There is no clear information about his family as to his parents and siblings but with gives an update soon as possible when claims are dissipated.

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