Fred Ward is dead: Fred Ward cause of death, obituary, funeral and Memorial Note

Fred Ward
Fred Ward

Who is Fred Ward?

Fred Ward was a well-known American actor and producer. He was born in San Diego, California in the United States of America.

His complete name is Freddie Joe Ward. Before Fred Ward commenced his acting career, he joined the US Airforce, worked for 37 months as an airborne radar technician.


Is Fred Ward alive?

No. Fred Ward is not alive. He passed away. He died on 8th May, 2022.

Fred Ward cause of death

The cause of Fred Ward’s death was not communicated by his publicist Ron Hofman and the family.

Fred Ward Memorial Note

Fred Ward left a note about giving a memorial donations to a University dear to his heart.

Ron Hofman briefed on giving the donations to the center for study of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (degenerative brain disease) in the Boston University.

Fred Ward now

Fred Ward now in the news is about his sudden kicking of bucket which occurred on the 8th day of May 2022.

Fred Ward Obituary and Funeral

Fred Ward family is yet to officially announce his obituary and final funeral rite. Follow up update shall be made available to the public via



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