Ponponya Fantem D/A Basic School harvests bumper onions from school farm

Ponponya Fantem D/A Basic School harvests bumper onions from school farm

Ponponya Fantem D/A Basic School harvests bumper onions from school farm

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A Basic School located in the Upper Manya Krobo District, Fantem Ponponya D/A Basic School has harvested bumper onions from their school farm.

The school in collaboration with the staff including the Head has nurtured an incredible job that raised millions of eyebrows.

Fantem Ponponya D/A Basic School harvested a bountiful of onions after implementing the school farm agenda.

The success exhibited by the school shows clearly that Ghana has the potential to effect the change the nation is yearning for.

Pupils in Basic schools are believed to be less than 30 or 25 years old yet their efforts and support to the backbone of the economy, agriculture have been rated on a 100 percent radar through the display of this onion farm success.

The success of the school does not only talk about farm products. It shows that school pupils at that younger age have acquired long life skills that will help them in the future assuming governments refuse to fix the country.

The pupils have acquired practical skills that will kite them to the next level that all humans wish to attain for comfort and relaxation also (good life and wealth).

In the other vein, their success is an indication that Ghana’s education system should be changed to a more focused practical experience curriculum because the “existing curriculum” is bookish-focused which has caused myriad harm to the nation.

The vision of the head teacher should be replicated across the nation to produce more think-tank youth who can solve the aged problems Ghana is facing.

The headteacher has nurtured a hundred generations in one fold. For success which will run in millions, the government and Ministry of Education (MoE) should employ the lens of critical examination from the elements that made the agricultural success from Ponponya Fantem D/A Basic for a replica across all Basic schools in the country.

The success of this caliber should be recognized at the Farmers Awards. Innovative and technological support will help harvest more and other farm produce.

It can commence with establishing an award scheme for basic schools purposely for agriculture because learning theories proved that rewards are great pushers in the life of learners also.

The display of their success is a symbol that Ghana can make it again after numerous failures of governments. Action is the word not promise.

The souls of the masses/school children are willing to effect change, but, their body is weak because external supports are far from the practical dream (agriculture) which is the paramount saviour of the economy.

Kudos to the entire Ponponya Fantem D/A Basic School and the community for supporting a good course that will inspire many other schools to unearth the untapped “potential” in their learners.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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