Mafi Avakpedome D/A primary crowns best school in Agriculture in Central Tongu

Mafi Avakpedome D/A primary crowns best school in Agriculture in Central Tongu

Mafi Avakpedome D/A primary crowns best school in Agriculture in Central Tongu

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Mafi Avakpedome D/A Kindergarten/ Primary School has been crown as the best basic school in Agriculture in Central Tongu District of the Volta Region.

Farmers’ day celebration is a national event celebrated annually by Ghanaians to eulogize actors along the agriculture value chain.

This year’s own which was celebrated on Friday, 2nd December, 2022 on the theme, “ACCELERATING AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH VALUE ADDICTION” saw the national, Volta region and Central Tongu district celebrating the event at Koforidua, Sogakope and Mafi Wute respectively.

Our reporters were at the three venues to take coverage of the event and what caught our attention most happened at central Tongu district where a basic school, “MAFI AVAKPEDOME D/A KG PRIMARY SCHOOL” had an award as “district best basic school in Agriculture”.

This caught our attention so much because, ever since agriculture science was taken out as a subject of study at the basic school level, pupils’ involvement in practical agriculture almost became a thing of the past.

An interview granted by Mr. Elvis Mensah Asafo and Mr. Bright Selassie Xormeku whom are both officers of Central Tongu district office of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture indicated that the school is one of the few schools involved in practical agriculture in the district and they selected the school as the best due to reasons such as;

1. their prudent use of the small portion of land allocated to them by the community

2. employment of cover cropping technic

3. involvement of legumenous plants to help in nitrogen fixation

4. practice of good culture practices such as mulching, hand watering, timely weeding, timely transplanting of seedlings, tinning out of overcrowded seedlings use of manure, organic chemicals among others.

The school received several awards sponsored by the Hon. District Chief Executive (DCE) for Central Tongu district, Hon. Thomas Moore Zonyrah, BonAgro, AgroCrown, Amuga Rural Bank, Pioneer Food Cannery, Hon. Alexander Roosevelt Gabby Hottorwodze MP for Central Tongu constituency and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Present to receive the award for and on behalf of the school were the headmistress – madam Florence Xorname Tedoku, madam Portia Baberi, Mr. Solomon Azakasi and Mr. Mawuli Caleb Diku who is known on social media as HON. M.K DIKU, madam Ethel Dogah and Esegbe.

The Central Tongu district Director of Agriculture, Mr. Horlali Kwami Agbola praised the school, promised his full support as usual and again admonished other schools to emulate the good works of AVAKPEDOME DA KG PRIMARY SCHOOL in order to ensure food security for the country and the world at large.


Below are few pictures from the occasion.



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