Practical examples of overstaffing in GES urban schools against deprived schools

Amedzope Basic School in the Afram Plains South District

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has been criticized for focusing attention on schools in the urban areas (City) more than schools in deprived communities (rural areas) across the country.

The situation has been described by many individuals especially affected teachers as unfortunate practice on the part of the employer thus, Ghana Education Service for many decades.

A report put out by the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch Mr. Kofi Asare has provided instances where some schools in cities have excess teachers as expected while schools in rural areas lack teachers for effective teaching and learning activities.


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According to Kofi Asare, there are still thousands of public primary school classrooms in rural Ghana without teachers, causing an average of 30 dropouts daily. He argued that, the situation is not simply the lack of adequate teacher supply; it is more of a distribution problem and you know this.

In a statement sighted by, Africa Education Watch boss said, Adenta Municipal has only 18 public primary schools with 140 classrooms. This means, it requires at least 140 primary class teachers plus 18 heads, making 158 to function. However, Adenta has 363 teachers, a surplus of 205.


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He added that, Kumasi Metro has 98 public primary schools with 820 classrooms. Kumasi requires 820 primary class teachers and 98 heads to operate, totaling 918. However, Kumasi has 1,208 primary teachers, a surplus of 290.

According to him, teacher rationalization in Adenta and Kumasi alone can provide about 500 teachers to fill empty primary school classrooms in rural Ghana immediately without any cost to the state.

He believes that, the time has come for the Ghana Education Service to distribute teachers to fill all vacant schools most importantly rural schools across the country.

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Mr. Kofi Asare has therefore called on Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to change the mode of application procedures to ensure that, every school receives required GES staff. “I repeat, you know what to do already, but will you do it?” He explained.



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