Teachers and pupils of Amedzope Basic roof their dilapidated classrooms with leaves

Teaching and learning is ongoing smoothly in most schools across the country, but it is a different situation at Amedzope Basic school in the Afram Plains South District, as teachers and students are using their learning period to roof their classrooms with leaves, before quality education could be rendered.

As we earlier reported on this story, the teachers and pupils still face difficulties everyday, despite the promises made by the authorities to them.

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In a post intercepted by Coverghana.com.gh, teachers, parents and community members still lament about how neglected they feel, since no help seems to reach them in regards to the dilapidated nature of their classrooms and the teacher’s bungalow.

Although, the school seems to be small in size but it however, has a student population of 30 with 5 teachers. It starts with kindergarten to class 2 as it’s highest class.


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Students/learners/pupils continue to study in the sun under trees and temporal shades put up by the community members. It’s said that, teachers are forced to close down the school when there’s a sign of rainfall or a little sunshine.

According to the concerned teachers, and parents, It is very bad to see their children learn under such conditions, since they believe in equal share of quality education. They added tgat, they also deserve better, and therefore appealing to all stakeholders to come to their aid.

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SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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