South Tongu GNAT opens nomination for Local GNAT positions – Apply 

South Tongu GNAT
South Tongu GNAT

The South Tongu District Branch of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in the Volta region has opened nomination for Local level positions in GNAT.

This came following the directive from the National Secretariat of the Association to all District Branches to organize Local Conference between 15th February, 2021 and 31st March, 2021 across the country.

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According to the information picked by, the South Tongu District GNAT is set to organize Conferences for its Locals to elect political leaders between Frebuary and March 2021 across five (5) administrative Locals thus; Larve local, Dabala local, Danyikpo local, Tefle-Agave local and Sogakope local (So-GNAT).

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Political Positions at local levels

The following are the political positions as announced at the Local level; Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Basic School Representative, Youth Coordinator, GNAT-LAS, Second Cycle Representative, Technical school Representative, Education and Administration Representative.

A Local Conference shall be the highest decision-making body in the Local Area which shall be organized once in every two years.

According to the document, the National Secretariat has scheduled District Conferences to be held between 1st April, 2021 and 31st May, 2021, Regional Conference for 1st July, 2021 to 31st August, 2021, and National Conference is expected to be held in January 2022.

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1. The basic unit of the Association shall be an educational institution or education office where a number of the teachers is registered with the Association.

2. Every member of the Association shall belong to a basic unit.

3. A basic unit shall elect a representative once every two (2) years.

4. The basic unit representative shall be the co-ordinator of the activities of the unit and the Association.

5. A basic unit of the Association shall meet at least once every calendar month to deliberate on matters of common interest to members in the unit.

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1. A Local Branch of the Association shall be formed in a Local Authority Area, consisting of all members of the basic units in the Area or in an educational institution so designated by the Regional Council on the recommendation of the District Council concerned.

2. A Local Conference shall be the highest decision-making body in the Local Area.

3. The Local Conference shall be composed as follows:

a. Members of the Local Branch Executive,

b. Two (2) representatives for each educational institution or education office.

4a. A Local Conference shall be convened every two (2) years.

b. Emergency conference may be held at a time and place deemed expedient by the Local Executive or by the District Secretary on the advice of the District Council,
provided that at least fourteen (14)
days notice shall be given to the basic units.

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The Local Conference shall:

5 a. Receive and collate reports, resolutions, and matters from the Basic Units.

b. Discuss and decide matters of common interest to all members in the Local Branch and other matters referred to it by the Local and District Executives of the Association.

c. Submit resolutions arising therefrom to the District Conference through the District Executive.

d. Make recommendations to the Regional Council for re-delineation by merger or division of the Local Branch through the District Executive concerned.

e. Elect Local Executive members:
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and seven other members representing Basic Schools, Senior High Schools, Technical Institutions, Colleges of Education, Educational Administration, GNAT-LAS and Youth Co-ordinator.


f. Elect delegates to the District
Conference as under Article 13(2) C.

g. Appoint the following sub-committees:

i. Education and Professional Development.

ii. Salaries and Conditions of Service.

iii. Finance and Administration

iv. Socio-Economic, Political and Gender Issues

v. Youth Committee

vi. Ad-hoc Committee as and when necessary.


11. (1) A Local Executive shall be elected in each Local branch in accordance with article 10(5)(e) of this Constitution.

(2) (a) A Local Executive shall be responsible for the organization and administration of the local branch.

(b) Perform any other duties assigned to it by the Local Conference.

(3) A Local Executive shall:

(a) Submit reports, including audited accounts and financial statements termly to the District Secretariat and biennially to the Local Conference.

(b) (i) The Local Branch shall operate a banking account with any reputable bank within or nearest to its area of jurisdiction.

(ii) The signatories to the Local
accounts shall be the Local Chairman, the Local Secretary and the Local Treasurer.

(c) Be responsible to the Local

(d) Meet at least once a term.

(e) May have an emergency meeting as determined by the Chairman or representatives of the units.


3. (1) The aims of the Association are:

(a) To accord the equal rights to all members

(b) To promote the interests of members and secure for them attractive conditions of service that may retain them in the Teaching Profession.

(c) To promote high academic standards, professional competence, trade union education and exemplary conduct of

(d) To provide internal economic and other appropriate and relevant welfare services to members.

(e) To promote organic solidarity amongst members of the teaching fraternity.

(f) To co-operate with Government in pursuit of development of education.

(g) To support and co-operate with students in the Colleges of Education and GNATOC in Tertiary Institutions.

(h) To co-operate with other workers unions in and outside Ghana.

(i) To participate effectively in public affairs.

(j) To place the services of the Association at the disposal of individuals, public bodies and other organizations in pursuit of


5. (1) Full membership of the Association shall be open to all teachers in both public and private educational institutions in Ghana.

(2) Members on being admitted to recognized educational institutions for further studies shall retain their membership.

(3) Members who take full-time appointments with the Association shall retain their membership but shall have no vote or hold elective office in the Association or any organization GNAT is affiliated.

(4) Retired teachers shall be honorary members.


6. (1) A member shall only be suspended or expelled from the Association by National Executive on just cause.

(2) A suspended or an expelled member aggrieved by the decision of National Executive may in the first instance appeal to National Council and if, not satisfied with the decision of National Council, may further appeal to National Delegates Conference whose decision shall be final subject to the laws of the land.

(3) A member may withdraw from the Association in writing addressed to the General Secretary of the Association provided a notice of withdrawal shall be
given not later than six months before commencement of the withdrawal.



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