PRC Students Loan Implementation Guidelines

Student Loan Trust Fund
Student Loan Trust Fund

PRC Students Loan Implementation Guidelines

The PRC Students Loan is an intervention by the Students Loan Trust Fund designed to assist continuing students loan beneficiaries, complete their impending registeration at the beginning of the academic year with their institutions, ahead of receiving their semester
disbursement so that they do not defer their programme of study or drop out of school.

Institutions and students who want to access the PRC students loan are advised to observe the following;

Role of the Fund

1. Zonal Managers (ZMs) to engage and share information on the intervention to interested Tertiary Institutions (TIs).

2. Zonal Managers (ZMs) to furnish Tertiary Institutions with the names of students loan beneficiaries to aid local verification.

3. Zonal Managers to provide sample Undertaking Forms to Tertiary Institutions for consideration and adoption.

4. Zonal Managers to facilitate exchange of school list between Tertiary Institution and the Fund.

5. Fund to disburse loans to PRC beneficiaries within 48 hours upon receipt of school enrolment list.

6. ZMs to notify tertiary institutions within 24 hours after disbursement (zonal offices to furnish institutions with a disbursement report to enable them engage the beneficiaries to honor their obligation.

7. ZM to monitor the smooth implementation of the intervention and provide feedback to Management to evaluate outcome and impact.

Role of Tertiary Institutions (TIs)

Tertiary institutions to get a focal person/Unit to coordinate the implementation of this intervention.

1. TIs may adopt sample Undertaking Form or design their own undertaking form to suit their respective administrative needs (SLTF standard undertaking form provided).

2. The focal person/Unit for the institution would receive, vet undertaking forms from students

3. TIs representative to furnish the Fund with school enrolment list (to include names of PRC beneficiaries whose undertaking has been accepted by their school) or a separate list may be generated for PRC Students Loan beneficiaries for early disbursement and
monitoring purposes.

Focal person/Unit to engage loan beneficiaries to honour their obligation per the terms of the undertaking form upon receipt of disbursement report from the Fund.

Role of PRC Loan beneficiaries (students) /SRC/GNUPS/NUGS

1. Loan beneficiaries (students) need to pick and complete undertaking forms from the focal persons/Unit of their respective tertiary institutions (tertiary institutions could adopt sample undertaking forms provided by the SLTF).

2. Loan beneficiaries to honour their obligation to the Tertiary Institutions upon receipt of their student loan.

3. The PRC loan beneficiary is liable for any sanctions that may arise as a result of his/her failure to honor the terms of the undertaking form.

4. Fund will not be liable should a PRC Studuents loan beneficiary fails to honour their obligation to the Tertiary Institutions upon receipt of the students loan.

5. SRC/GNUPS/NUPS and other students leaders would be expected to assist in sensitizing students on the importance of the intervention and the need to honour their obligation.



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