Cause of James Lutterodt death revealed


The late James Lutterodt’s Aunty, Celestina Lutterodt made a shocking disclosure in a recent interview that her nephew had been poisoned tragically by some of his own friends.

This is quite a worrying revelation, and there are many unanswered questions regarding what will happen next after this serious allegation.

Furthermore, Celestina revealed the details of her interactions she had with the late NSMQ star before his tragic death which have led to these allegations.

These disclosures have heightened the mystery surrounding this sad tragedy, leaving the public yearning for explanations.

James received a lot of offers from both domestic and foreign universities willing to provide him the chance to pursue further education.

Many who understood James Lutterodt’s potential felt his premature death left a vacuum in their hearts.

So while investigations into the poisoning claim go on, the public anxiously awaits justice for James Lutterodt. Hopes are high that the truth will come to light.



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