Presidential Debate: IMANI, Multimedia Groups open forum to receive questions; Send your questions here 

A renowned Think Tank IMANI Africa led by Mr. Franklin Cudjoe and Multimedia Groups have open forum to receive questions to host Presidential Talk for Independent Candidates and Minor Parties.

In 2016, IMANI Center for Policy and Education relaunched its IMANIFesto Campaign, which estimated the costs and rated the feasibility of all campaign promises made by the country’s major political parties.

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In order to determine the cost and viability of campaign promises, a three-pronged quantitative assessment framework was developed that assessed the “quality” of campaign promise, notably its financial viability, its impact on private sector development, and the overall policy implications of implementing the promise.

IMANI identified and sorted the promises into three categories: quantifiable, semi-quantifiable, and non-quantifiable. In doing so, IMANI shed light on how well political parties were doing in terms of making financially measurable promises.

In addition to pursuing the above in the 2020 elections, IMANI is partnering Multimedia Group Limited to organise presidential talks for minor parties and independent candidates to enable them share their vision for a Ghana beyond 2020.

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IMANI believes that over the years, Presidential Debates in Ghana have focused on the two dominant political parties, NPP and NDC, while sometimes included a few minor parties and independent candidates. Though this framework has strengths, its exclusive nature presents limitations that do not promote the growth of Ghana’s political system.


In view of the high stakes in the 2020 election, other candidates ought to have access to adequate platforms to articulate their vision to the public. We believe that Ghana’s young democracy will benefit immensely from the advantage in diversity. It is therefore our pleasure to introduce IMANI’s Presidential Talks for Minor Parties and Independent Candidates in Ghana and invite you to be part.

Please send a question you would like to ask the candidates.

This debate will be held with selected independent candidates on August 13, 2020.

The event will be telecast live on Joy FM, Joy News TV and social media platforms. Other media will be invited to cover the event. Venue will be announced shortly.

Please let me know if you would like to sponsor these events and research work. We have received two contributions so far, from a chamber of business and another. But we need more and will acknowledge your support, but please send your one question to now. Thanks.


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