Prince Williams Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Children, Wife, Career

William Prince of Wales

Prince Williams Arthur Philip, now Prince of Wales is the first son of King Charles III and Princess Diana. He is the heir apparent and next in line to succeed King Charles after he passes on.

Prince Williams Age

Prince Williams turned 40 in 2022. He was born on 21st June, 1982.

Prince Williams Parents

Prince Williams was born to King Charles III and Princess Diana. He is the first son of the king and automatically the heir apparent to the throne after his father.

Prince Williams wife

Prince Williams is married to Catherine Middleton. They tied the knot in 2011.

Prince Williams children

Prince Williams has three children with his wife Catherine. 2 males and a female. They are Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales and Prince Louis of Wales.


Prince Williams career

Prince Williams spent about 10 years in the British army. He served in the Navy and the Royal Air Force during his time at the army.

He interned on farms, hospitals and banks to prepare him for his role as Duke of Cornwall.

Prince Williams Net Worth

Prince Williams as prince of Wales is worth over $1.2 billion as he succeeds his father as the caretaker of the Duch of Cornwall which is a treasury set up to provide funds for the monarchs.



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