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Lazarus Nyanyelu Ekwueme

Lazarus Nyanyelu Ekwueme

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Prof Lazarus Ekwueme Biography

Lazarus Nyanyelu Ekwueme is a high-profile Nollywood Veteran Actor Nigerian widely known as Laz Ekwueme. He is a musicologist, composer, scholar, and actor. He is a traditional ruler of Oko located in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Lazarus Nyanyelu Ekwueme taught in a few colleges in the States. Also, during his University of Yale days, he formed the New Haven International Chorus.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme is one of the pioneer lecturers of Music in Nigeria. Also, he is the author of many books including Teasers, Rhapsody Nigeriana, Missa Africana, Choir training, and choral conducting for Africans.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme age: How old is Laz Ekwueme?

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme was born on 28th January, 1936 in Oko Town, Anambra State. He is 86 now but he will celebrate his 87th birthday on January 28, 2023.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme Education & Career

Prof. Laz Ekwueme attended his Secondary school at Government College, Umuahia.

He also attended the Royal College of Music in London. At London, he earned ten (10) Diplomas in Music, Speech, and Drama.

At the University of Durham, he graduated with a Bachelor of Degree.

Further, in 1962, Laz Ekwueme bagged his professional teaching Diploma from the Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music.

He studied at Yale University (1966) where he obtained his Post Graduate Degree in Music Theory.

He also taught back home at the University of Lagos in 1972 in the newly formed Department of Music.

At the same University, he was appointed as a research fellow in the Center for Cultural Studies.

Due to his love for Music and culture, he founded the Laz Ekwueme National Chorale in Lagos. It was one of the groups which were accorded the needed respect.

Laz Ekwueme at this point has excelled in his endeavours also. His hard work earned him the coordinator of the Nigerian National Choir at the Black Arts Festival, Festac 77.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme Siblings

Prof. Lazarus Edward Nnanyelu Ekwueme popularly known as Laz Ekwueme has three (3) brothers. One of his brothers was Nigeria’s first Vice President, Dr. Alex Ekwueme.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme Family/Parents

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme’s mother was a teacher. Less information is available about his father and family as of January 2023.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme Wife

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme’s wife is not known to the public. Maybe due to the Traditional ruler the husband is, they kept their family far away from the internet.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme Children

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme is believed to have children but their identities are not in the public domain.

Prof. Laz Ekwueme Movies / Books

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme has been cast in over hundred (100) Nollywood movies.
Some of the movies are Lords of the Game, Igodo, Senator, Love Story, etc.

Books by Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme

Below are some of the books Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme owns authorship to;

  1. Teasers: Poems, proverbs, and puns, 1993.
  2. Choir training and choral conducting for Africans, 1993.
  3. Essays on the Theory of African Music, 2004.
  4. Missa Africana.
  5. A Night in Bethlehem (1963).
  6. Piano Concerts in Re (1962).
  7. Rhapsody Nigeriana.
  8. Nwa n’akwa akwa (1972).
  9. Elimeli (1979).
  10. Nne n’eku nwa.
  11. Obi Dimkpa (1980).
  12. Ote nkwu.
  13. Hombe (Kenyan Folk Song) (1968).
  14. Beware (Negro Spiritual).
  15. Zidata Mo Nso nke Gi.

Prof. Lazarus Ekwueme Net Worth: 

Laz Ekwueme has a net worth of $3.5 million in estimation as his net worth. He is believed to garnered his fortune from acting in Nollywood for many years including his music, books, and articles writing among



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