Psalm Adjeteyfio apologizes, gets blasted by celebrities and netizens

Psalm Adjeteyfio a.k.a TT
Psalm Adjeteyfio a.k.a TT

Veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio has apologized to Aisha Modi after a recent dispute over the amount of money Modi donated to him.

Adjeteyfio, better known as TT of the Taxi Driver fame, has been going viral after his recordings were leaked on social media. In a recording sent to MzGee on WhatsApp, the actor can be heard begging for leftovers from her kitchen.

Just four months after TT called for help and received more than GH¢90,000 in donations from Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Chief of Staff Frema Opare and others, the actor’s appeal sparked much debate.


Watch: Actor Psalm Adjeteyfio begs for leftover food and help

In response to Ayisha Modi’s claim that she also donated GH¢5,000, TT claimed that she brought him “only GH¢500”. TT’s claims angered Ayisha Modi and her colleagues, who took to social media to slam the veteran actor for lying.

TT acknowledges donation of GH¢5,000

A few days after it was revealed, TT admitted that the money he received from Modi was GH¢5,000 and not GH¢500 as he had previously revealed. In an interview with Neat FM on Monday, January 17, 2022, TT said it was an oversight to make him say that Modi’s money was GH¢500.

According to him, it was one of his sons who kept track of the donations they received, and since it was some months ago, he forgot the exact amount.

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He further revealed that he only questioned his son after watching a video of Aisha Modi and her colleagues responding and the son confirmed that Modi gave them GH¢5,000. Therefore, he begged Modi and her people to forgive him for his negligent mistakes that led to misunderstandings.

A Plus blasts TT

Before Ayisha Modi’s response, Kwame A Plus slammed TT’s comments about her donation. For A Plus, TT describing the donation as “only,” no matter how little sounded ungrateful. The musician argues that many are looking for a small amount of capital to start a business, but TT just squandered over GHC90,000.

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“You are a motivated beggar with a sense of entitlement”, Kwame A-Plus said in a Facebook post.

He went ahead to advocate for the monies being donated to TT to be donated to other people who will be grateful. He posted a picture of a young mother carrying two babies at her back hustling on the street to make ends meet.

“If this woman gets what TT describes as “only 500 Ghana cedis” she will get a space in a marketplace, put a table there and start selling on the table instead of carrying her twins and this heavy load and roaming all day. With an investment of 500 Ghana, in a few years, her twins will be in the university. This is how many women in Ghana have taken care of their children. God bless our mothers.”

He added that he feels no pity for TT at all. “I’m always the first person to mobilize support for people in need but you, even the one you have, if I get the opportunity, I’ll take it from you. You don’t deserve any help my guy!!…Your mouth like fishing boat”.

The political activist rounded it all up with asking TT to get a job and get paid, saying “Instead of sitting at home with that stinking sense of entitlement and granting interviews, use that sweet voice and eloquence to host a radio show to get paid monthly”.

Meanwhile Ghanaian broadcaster, Bridget Otoo has admonished Ghanaians to pay less attention to the veteran actor. She posted on her twitter handle “How much was a taxi in 1999? Let’s buy one taxi for him and turn our focus on those struggling at the hospitals. Those with life threatening conditions and can’t foot their bills. Thank you”.



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