PTA joins “angry” Teacher Unions to kick against GES proposals to reopen schools

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The Coronavirus pandemic across the globe has become a death toll among many individuals, where the economy of many countries is gradually crippling down. Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Ghana, president Akufo-Addo upon series of calls from think tank groups, citizens, teachers, parents, teacher unions among many, has, on Sunday, 15th March, 2020 directed the closure of schools. A decision many Ghanaians considered appropriate in the midst of the pandemic.

About two months since restrictions were imposed on public gatherings, including closure of schools among many, the president, during his last address to the nation has extended the ban to 31st May, 2020.

In view of this, the Ghana Education Service (GES) on 13th May, 2020 wrote a letter to some selected teacher unions seeking for their input to compile a comprehensive measures to guide them reopen schools in case the president lift the restrictions by May ending.


According to the letter, GES requested from teacher unions to add their inputs on strategies to adopt to ensure that, schools can smoothly reopen while ensuring the maximum security and safety of students, teachers among others.

In responding to the Ghana Education Servisce, the four (4) major teacher unions thus; GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT-GH and TEWU of the pre-tertiary educational units, in a joint press statement, however disagree with the decisions of the service with reasons that centralised on the safety of their members and their clients (students) as well.

In a new development, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of the Republic of Ghana has joined the “angry” teacher unions to kick against the plans of Ghana Education Service (GES) to reopen schools across the country.


In an interview  monitored by news team, Apostle Alexander Yaw Danso, the Chairman of the PTA stated that, the call by GES would be considered appropriate, only if the Coronavirus Cases in Ghana begin to reduce. Aside that, the proposal to reopen schools is needless at the time Ghana’s positive cases are rising steadily. 

Apostle Alexander Yaw Danso in the interview expressed worry and asked as to whether the number of infections have plummeted or not? Or has Ghana secured a vaccine?

He also questioned as to whether the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has issued a notice on any impending examinations for students or not? The PTA Chairman added that, they are not ready to risk the health of their pupils/students in the midst of the deadly pandemic.

Apostle Alexander Yaw Danso added that, the precautionary measures outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of Ghana will not be applicable in schools in Ghana due to the population students in schools, and has strongly cautioned the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service to immediately discard the proposals to  hastily reopen schools.


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