Quick Reminder: What the New Curriculum says about End-of-Term Examination

The public debacles on End-of-Term Examination for Basic Schools have become the topic for discussion in the recent times as many educationist, citizens and other social media users outlined numerous thought provoking questions surrounding the subject matter.

The debate was advanced following the suspension of End-of-Term Examination for Basic Schools as announced by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Few days after GES’s announcement, the Informed Teachers Network has put out a detailed thesis to emphasize what the New Curriculum says about End-of-Term Examination for Basic Schools.


Requirements and particulars for NTC license Registration for GES Staff

According to them, the end-of-term examination is a summative assessment system and should consist of a sample of the knowledge and skills learners have acquired in the term. Test types and assessment tasks for a class must be carefully chosen to reflect the learners’ ages and abilities.


In KG1 to B2, assessment tasks must be designed to be administered during a one-on-one interview with a pupil. This is because most learners cannot read and therefore makes it difficult for the assessor to get accurate assessments when using pencil and paper tests.

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They reiterated that, beginning in P3, assessment should also be partly pencil and paper-type tasks and partly interview-type task. The End-of- Term test for Term 3 should be composed of items/questions based on the specific objectives studied over the three terms, using a different weighting system so as to reflect the importance of the work done in each term in appropriate proportions.

Allow teachers to go for face-to-face interactions with their Lecturers – GES

The new SBA system is important for raising learners’ school performance. For this reason, the 60 marks for the SBA will be scaled to 50 in schools. The total marks for the end of term test will also be scaled to 50 before adding the SBA marks and end-of-term examination marks to determine learners’ end of term results.

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