Report from Swedru Methodist B JHS caning incident


The report reaching us, has it that the caning of a 13-year-old pupil to death at Swedru Methodist B JHS was inaccurate.

According to the report at our end, the incident happened last week Wednesday where the said female teacher gave each student two canes after an exercise in the classroom.

On the next day, Thursday, the boy came to school healthy with no problem.

On Friday, the boy did not come to school which was linked to the boy’s mother getting wedded on Saturday. Due to the wedding, the boy did not go to school on Friday.

The report further stated that a day to Monday, (Sunday) evening the boy’s family went to the head of the school to report/tell him that the boy not feeling well as a result of the Wednesday canes.

Due to the sympathetic nature of the school head, he went straight to the hospital after hearing the information to visit the boy who was then sent to the hospital the same day, Sunday evening.

The head sensed some rat feelings so he requested to inspect the body of the boy in the presence of the family and nurses on duty at the time.

After a thorough check, they found an old mark at the back of the boy which the family admitted that it was not a new mark and not also caused by the teacher.

On Tuesday (the following week), the boy passed away and the family wants to make a capital out of the case.

The head as a human who has sympathy and understands his office acted for facts. When the news came that the boy has died he (the head) quickly went to the hospital and requested to have another look at the body of the boy to see if there was a problem.

Lo and behold, there was no problem with the physical body after checking thoroughly the second time.

The report also urged all sympathizers to ignore the news going around that the boy vomited blood and marks of canes on his body. That information is inaccurate. They don’t represent the facts.

The news items and the social media post are raising passion and twisting the matter just to cause disaffection for the female teacher and the staff of the said school.

It is believed that what the mates of the deceased disclosed might be an underlying factor for his sudden death. The mates of the deceased confirmed that the boy (deceased) fell from a tree when they were playing in school.

The Agona West Ghana Education Service (GES) directorate, the police and staff, and the family have met and will meet again today to see the way forward as the investigation continues.



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