Residents of Dumasua are unhappy about poor streetlight project of Sunyani West MP 

Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah
Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah

The President of Dumasua in the Sunyani West Constituency has angrily spoke against poor street lightening project by the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations and the Member of Parliament for the area Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah.

Mr. Emmanuel Gyamfi (Mascot) the Dumasua Assemblyman in a statement issued outlined streetlight challenges confronting them the poor nature of the MP’s project in addressing the issue.

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They raised numerous concerns in a press statement copied to Read below the statement. 


Residents of Dumasua are unhappy about unfunctional streetlight which Hon Ignatius Baffour Awuah (MP) inaugurated about two months ago.

It saddens my heart as the Assemblyman for Dumasua in Sunyani West Municipality to express the worries of the people of Dumasua about the unfunctional streetlight which our MP inaugurated two months ago.

The people of Dumasua for the past 12 years have voted massively for Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah and NPP fraternity but have not benefited from any better infrastructural development. The people were happy when the MP initiated the street lighting project starting from Toll Booth through to Mantukwa Surprise Chop bar, which we thought it will serve our good interest but it was the reverse.

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The people have mounted undue pressure on me for supervising such project and for partaking in the inauguration of unfinished project.

There have been lapses of communication between the MP and myself which saddens my heart, and because of that I don’t have vivid explanation of why the street lights which we inaugurated is not functioning.

Lapses in communication in the sense that, MP has answered my call only once since I visited him in his house when I was elected as Assemblyman of Dumasua and exchanged contacts with him.

I know he is busy per his position as a cabinet Minister and MP, however, I was expecting that at least one day he might call me when he misses my call but to no avail.

Also, I’ve been in Dumasua when Covid 19 items have been shared in his name twice without my notice. Of which the people mounted pressure on me anytime they distributed the items and some don’t benefit. I don’t understand why I should suffer as Assemblyman on things done without my notice.

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Meanwhile, even the Chief of Dumasua_ Nana Kwame Amponsah 11 never by pass me as Assemblyman when he wants to give something to his people.

In this Covid 19 era, the Chief of Dumasua shared over 3000 nose masks to the people of Dumasua through me as an Assemblyman of the area.

Moreover, Hon Millicent Amankwaa NDC Parliamentary candidate, and Hon Bernard Oduro independent Parliamentary candidate all never shared Covid 19 items to the good people of Dumasua without my notice and involvement.

Why should my own political party leadership share things in my area without my notice.

The above signals me that, the rejection of me by my political party NPP prior to 2019 Assembly election is still prevailing.

Prior to 2019 assembly election, my political party NPP called a general meeting which they announced that anyone who wants to stand as assemblyman in the name of the party should write application to the party for the party’s endorsement.

Though district assembly election is non partisan, but I had no option than to heed to this call since Dumasua is NPP dominated community and no other political party had ever won election here.

In the end, five people wrote to the party and three of them stepped down in the end (Mr. Godfred Owusu, Mr. Okofo Datey, and Mr. Yaw Kyere) with the condition that they want to re-sign and be part of the unit commitment instead, of which the offer as granted to them. It was left with Mr. Isaac Sakyi and myself Hon. Gyamfi Emmanuel popularly know as Mascot.

They organized primaries for us and allowed everyone to deliver a five minutes message and to answer three questions of which I performed marvellously though I was underrated as a “child”. Because of my marvellous speech and my classic response to the questions asked, 12 delegates voted for me out of the 19 delegates present.


A week later, delegates of Sunyani West Constituency lead by Mr. Bossman (Research Officer of Sunyani West) came to Dumasua and met the pooling station executives of Dumasua.

Mr. Bossman announced to them that he has done a thorough research about me which testifies that I’m not liked by majority of the people of Dumasua, and also the Chiefs of Dumasua are unhappy about me because I’ve ever insulted them which was a lie. In addition, he said I’m too young to lead the good people of Dumasua.

Based on the above, Mr. Bossman said the leadership of Sunyani West NPP wants me to step down.

I objected to it when Mr. Manu, Mr. Akwa and Hon. Andrew Ampomah (Formal assemblyman of Dumasua) called me in the name of the party and broke the news to me that I should step down and accept a NABCO offer, since they have seen that I’m unemployed graduate.

I objected to the NABCO offer and the resignation since I knew all what they levelled on me is uncalled for allegations.

In the end, I was rejected as the legitimate candidate for the party and my opponent Mr. Sakyi Isaac who lost the primaries to me was endorsed and sponsorsed by the party.

All the unit committee members and the party’s executives followed the choice candidate of the party, Mr Sakyi Isaac and campaigned for him but to no avail.

Despite the stigmatisation and sabotaging I won the election with 65% of the total vote cast on 17/12/2019, as independent candidate which had never happened in the history of Dumasua.

After the election, I thought by gone would be by gone, so I decided to unify myself and the unit committee members to work together though they supported my opponent during campaign time and hence I had meetings with them in so many occasions.

Yet, some of the unit committee members have decided to sabotage my work. And as at now, it’s only two unit commitment members I’m working with out of the 5.

Also, I decided to visit the MP, Hon. Ignatius Barfour Awuah despite everything that happened prior to the election so that we can work together as a team to aid development in the constituency and in my community.

When I visited the MP after the election, he warmly welcomed me and we exchanged contacts.

But I don’t understand why He has answered my call once since then, and he has never called me back despite my numerous missed calls.

And I do not understand why things are shared in my community in the name of the MP twice without my notice.

All these happenings are indicators that there is still hatred in the heart of the party leadership against me. *The divide and rule tactics by the Hon MP must stop*

Now, I am confused whether the party is still disowning me as hinted prior to my election as the assemblyman for Dumasua.

The current happenings reminds me of how Ex assemblyman for Dumasua, Hon. Mark Tetteh was sabotaged by his own political party in Sunyani West NPP just because he decided to vote for then DCE Hon. Martin Obeng who the President nominated.

According to my predecessor Hon. Mark Tetteh on 18/10/2018, he expressed worry on how the MP is neglecting him and does not include him in his meeting because he didn’t vote against Hon. Martin Obeng.

He hinted this to Dumasua Youth Organization executives (Nana Kyere, Nana Kwame, etc and myself as secretary then time) when we called him in a meeting concerning development of Dumasua on 18/10/2018.

This tells me something.

If I am still disowned, the leadership of the party should let me know so that my people will never hold me responsible for any thing that will be done without my notice in my own Electoral Area.

Though I am trying my utmost best to ensure the development of my Community and I believe I have performed better as an Assemblyman for Dumasua so far, but my heart is saddened from this sabotaging!

Hon. Emmanuel Gyamfi (Mascot), Dumasua Assemblyman


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