Shepherd God’s flock, don’t be NDC’s communication vessel – P.K Sarpong cautions Bishop Agyinasare

P.K Sarpong (Left) and Bishop Charles Agyinasare (Right) 
P.K Sarpong (Left) and Bishop Charles Agyinasare (Right) 

Mr. P.K Sarpong, a political writer/author who is poised and determined to always provide an open and generalized opinion on national issues has cautioned Bishop Charles Agyinasare of Perez Chapel International to be a shepherd of God’s flock by promoting the words of God and must not serve as a political vessel of communication for the opposition National Democratic Congress.

P. K Sarpong who centered his latest article on the topic “When peter sheds shepherding God’s flock on the altar of political considerations, Jerusalem wept” is much worried about unethical political interferences of the renowned man of God.

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According to him, “Many in the past described some men of God as criminals in cassock, I am not part of those gangs. I am dead against those who are fond of attacking men of God for speaking objectively about matters of national importance.”


Mr. P.K Sarpong who disclosed the issue to said “What gets some of us livid is some men of God who do not make objectivity a cardinal principle in their engagements with their congregations. Some go as far as fronting for entities and political parties.”

Bishop Charles Agyinasare of Perez Chapel International cannot speak lately without taking a swipe at the current administration. This was nonexistent during the previous regime. Not that anybody finds his affiliation with a political party worrisome, but his position warrants an objective appreciation of matters he decides to speak his mind on.

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The Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel, in his latest attacks on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s administration, has appealed to Ghanaians to pray against the ‘demon’ that makes politicians collapse local businesses when they win power.

According to him, many reputable indigenous businessmen and entrepreneurs have been destroyed out of jealousy and envy by some politicians. Bishop Agyinasare finds the reasons the Bank of Ghana gave in its banking sector clean-up to be unjustified.

He also said that those demons that possess our politicians when they get into political power is still at work today and we must exorcise them otherwise we are far from going forward. Our children’s’ children cannot even enjoy their inheritance and hard work.


Bishop Agyinasare particularized his condemnations of the Akufo-Addo administration on Dr. Kwabena Dufour’s UniBank and its affiliated entities and believes the former finance minister should have been treated preferentially. His bank, according to the Bishop, should have been saved though it was insolvent.

Upon the assumption of office, the Akufo-Addo administration was confronted with a banking and financial sector which was dead. There were beautifully decorated buildings with inscriptions as banks but without monies.

Over four million or so Ghanaians who had their investments and deposits with these banks were in danger of losing them as a result of the incompetent handling of the banking and financial sector. Banks were allowed to do whatever they pleased, licenses were issued to individuals to bank without merit.

The management of the Bank of Ghana at the time slept on the job as no checks were done on the operations of those politically established banks. These banks took depositors’ cash and invested in ventures which were unprofitable.

The then John Dramani Mahama’s administration kept on injecting monies into those ailing banks and they in turn, misused the monies to shore up their liquid funds. Nothing was done to these people. The banking and financial sector collapsed in 2015, and no concrete steps were taken by Mahama to rebuild the sector.

Bishop Agyinasare knows very well that the banking and financial sector was lifeless. He played a key role in the collapse of FirsTrust Loans and Savings Company when he chaired that entity’s board. It is surprising that he is acting all angelic and seeking to blame innocent Akufo-Addo.

Bishop Agyinasare should know that his core duty as a man of God is to shepherd God’s flock but not to unnecessarily elect himself as a communication’s vessel to do the hatchet job of the opposition NDC.

Jerusalem is in tears as a son charged with the responsibility of guiding and guarding its children has been busy with an agenda not found in his jurisdictional purview.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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