Richard Belzer Cause of Death, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children

Richard Jay Belzer was an American stand – up comedian author and actor as well. He was known as best  in his role played as BPD Detective, NYPD.

Richard Belzer Age: How old is Richard Belzer?

The comedian was 79 years old. He was born on the 4th August, 1944 at Bridgeport, Connecticut in the United States.


Richard Belzer Wife

The American comedian got married to the  love of his life  Harlee McBride in 1985 to 2023 where he passed away.

Richard Belzer Children:Does Richard Belzer have kids?

Richard Jay belzer had two child from his earlier marriage with Gail Susan Ross. He married her in 1966 to 1972  where they divorced and lasted married Harlee Mcbride. The name of the children are Bree Benton and Jessica.


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Name Richard Jay Belzer
Date of Birth   August 4, 1944
Nationality  American
Spouse  Harlee McBride
Profession  Actor, comedian and author 
Net Worth  $16 million 


Richard Belzer Net Worth

The actor Net worth is estimated $16 million. He gained his wealth from his profession as an actor, comedian and been an author.

Richard Belzer Cause of Death

The American comedian died on the 19th of February, 2023 in Bksoul in France . The coursed of his death is reported as a result of circulatory and respiratory complections issues.


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