Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Ghanaian lives in the diaspora matter – Ekow Vincent

Mr. Vincent Ekow Assafuah
Mr. Vincent Ekow Assafuah

The Honourable Member of Parliament for Old Tafo Constituency Mr. Vincent Ekow Assafuah says Ghanaian lives in the diaspora matter too and must be given the needed attention before things aggravate.

According to the former Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education now a member of the Select Committee on Education, as this morning greeted us with the probable catastrophe the world prayed not occurred he believe we as a country, a government and a people owe a duty of care to Ghanaians who happen to be in Ukraine and may be caught up in the cross fire which may lead to loss of Ghanaian lives.

Mr. Vincent Ekow Assafuah explained that, despite what is going on at home, he believe that Ghanaian lives in the diaspora matter too and must be given the needed attention before things aggravate.


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He further added that, per the principles and tenets of the constitution of Ghana, regardless of the geographical location of any legitimate Ghanaian, they as a government are responsible for safeguarding their lives within the international domain when the need arises and as such the current situation going on in Ukraine has to be given a swift and timely intervention to avert any casualties of our nationals within the nation of Ukraine.

“The current situation of the conflict makes it necessary and expedient for the government of Ghana to plan an evacuation contingency for Ghanaians i.e diplomats, professionals, students, etc who are in the nation of Ukraine. I believe every Ghanaian regardless of wherever they are deserve solace and protection from its government in the face of danger. The arm of support and being there for each other is what makes us stronger as a nation imbibing in us a sense of belongingness and loyalty.” Ekow Vincent said.

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He believes the current government is a listening one and would act swiftly before the conflict rising within Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine aggravates.

“To Ghanaians out there in the nation of Ukraine,  be prepared and rest assured that an evacuation would happen in the coming days before the break out of any damaging consequential war in the nation of Ukraine.”

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“To the nation of Ukraine, we stand with you in prayers as a nation and believe strongly that this too shall pass away. Ghana as a non permanent member of the security council of the United Nations will proffer its knowledge and experience to the amicable resolve of this conflict between your nation and Russia.”



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