Sampson Tagbor to introduce DEMOCRAT LEAGUE in Volta Region

Sampson Tagbor to introduce DEMOCRAT LEAGUE in Volta Region

The Volta Regional Deputy Communications Officer aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Sampson Tagbor Nukunu is set to introduce DEMOCRAT LEAGUE in Volta Region.

According to the young and vibrant communicator, the DEMOCRAT LEAGUE seeks to empower the youth front and mobilize the grassroot members of the party towards the 2024 elections.

Sampson Tagbor explained that, he has already initiated conversation with some youth organizers of the party to implement what he termed as the DEMOCRAT LEAGUE.

The former National President of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) Sampson Tagbor indicated that, this league is to be played annually among teams from all the 18 constituencies in the region with trophies and other prices going to the winner, first runner-up and the second runner-up.

Sampson Tagbor noted that, it is his thinking that the league will draw spectators to the game and can use the opportunity to propagate the beautiful NDC while naturing talents among the young football enthusiasts.

The NDC Volta Regional Deputy Communications Officer candidate believes that, a successful roll-out of this initiative will encourage them to replicate same in other regions and hopefully it will become a national event for the party


To demonstrate his readiness to this initiative, Sampson Tagbor said, his team is giving one set of jersey and a football to all 18 constituencies as part of his campaign tour to the Volta Region.

He disclosed that, the idea to introduce DEMOCRAT LEAGUE in Volta Region came following his consultation, to vetting, and throughout his campaign, where he had to answer one question: “why I didn’t go for the youth organizer position so that I can unite the youth around the region and of course the country at large. I made a passionate promise to use my communication skills to work with the youth front in attaining those request from the rank and file of our party faithfuls.”


“Indeed, the work of every party executive is to ultimately enhance the party’s fortunes at the polls and I am super mindful of that reality.” Sampson Tagbor explained.

In a statement, he assure all party members of his willingness to work together with the youth front in bringing back the love of the young people for the NDC.

May be an image of 1 person, beard and text that says 'NDC OEMOCBAINE VOLTA REGION COMRADES, As we head to the polls today, humbly implore all delegates and candidates to conduct yourselves in accordance with the basic principles of our party. Let us use this exercise to consolidate our front and get battle ready for victory in election 2024. I warmly wish you all the best and remember there are no winners and losers; we are the NDC and the hope of this Country. SAMP SON SAMPSON TAGBOR NUKUNU NDC DEPUTY COMMUNICATION OFFICER CANDIDATE' #D)w)feKoeMeva #HereToDeliver Tagbor Sampson @TagborSampson +233 369 2766'

“We are on a path which is less traveled, but we shall fulfill the purpose that got us here. Stay with me and let’s build the party together” He said.

Tagbor further said, “You can agree with me when I say there’s work to be done, here in the Volta region. A party that is birthed in the region should not win just 4 campuses out of the 162 campuses in the region.”

He opined that, there’re a catalogue of issues and each one of these issues is sufficient enough to send the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to a very long opposition. It is at the back of this consideration and many other issues that Sampson Tagbor filed to contest the volta regional deputy communication position, to drive a new political conversation in the region.

“The electoral fortunes of the party in the 2024 polls is hugely dependent on how efficient we can communicate the strength of the party to the voters. Our target is the votes and we must tell the voters why we are the only party deserving of their votes come December 2024. Join me, support me, help me and send me on this errand, because I am HERE TO DELIVER”



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