Sandra Prinsloo Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings

Sandra Prinsloo Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings
Sandra Prinsloo

Sandra Prinsloo is a professional actress who has made her name popular across the world. Prinsloo is popularly called Sandra Prinzlow, She has be Casted in many films, stage productions and television shows. She became popular with a film titled The Gods Must Be Crazy in 1980.
Prinzlow before becoming an actress was a dancer at her early age. Been Dancer helped her because she found her self performing on professional stage. Sandra has been casted in many viral movies. Some of these movies are; Die Testament, Erfsondes, Mense Mense, Fluiters Konings and etc.

Sandra Prinsloo Age: How old is Sandra Prinsloo?

Prinsloo was birthed on 15th September, 1947, she turned 75 years in 2022.

Sandra Prinsloo Husband: Was Jeremy Taylor married to Sandra Prinsloo?

Prinsolo was officially married Jeremy Taylor a songwriter and a retired English folk singer. The two broke up due to some personal reasons. currently Sandra had her marital status been single.

Sandra Prinsloo Children

Prinsloo has a child whose name has not be revealed to the media yet.

Sandra Prinsloo Parents

Prinsloo is the daughter of Alan Morris (father) and Larisa Luppian (mother).

Sandra Prinsloo Siblings

The South Africa Actress Prinsloo has a sibling called Tina Chow.

Sandra Prinsloo Height

Prinsloo has her height to be five (5) feet eight (8) inches which is equivalent to 1.73 m


Sandra Prinsloo Weight

There is no record based on the weight of Prinsloo.

Sandra Prinsloo Nationality

Prinsloo is South African national, she was born in Union of South Africa.

Sandra Prinsloo Education

Prinsloo had her basic enrollment in 1950, she later further her education in Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool. After graduating with a beautiful results, Sandra furthered at University of Pretoria where she obtained Degree in drama

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Sandra Prinsloo Movies and Tv Shows

Prinsloo has been casted in the movies below.
1)Twee Grade van Moord(2016)
2) Quest for Love (1988)
3) ‘n Paw Paw Vir My Darling (2015)
4) Jewel of the Gods (1989)
5)  Soweto Green (1995)
6) Twee Grade van Moord
7)Target of an Assassin (1979)
8) The Outcast (1984)
9) In the Name of Blood10) The Prince of Pretoria11) The Gods Must Be Crazy12)Die Prins van Pretoria (1992)

Sandra Prinsloo Net Worth

Prinsloo is known to be one of the richest actress in South Africa. She has her net worth up to $10 Million.


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