Seek guidance on admission and scholarship applications through Beveen Mentoring – Dr. Delphine Asobo

Beveen Mentoring and Scholarships Programmes
Beveen Mentoring and Scholarships Programmes

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beveen Academy Dr. Delphine Asobo, has tips for you if you plan to travel abroad or apply for admission or scholarship abroad.

Dr. Delphine Asobo, has outlined how lucrative, credible and dependable the Beveen Mentoring works accros the globe, and why they’re the right place for you.

In a statement, the management of Beveen Academy has explained the importance of their Programme and called on the public to seek guidance on admission and scholarship applications through Beveen Mentoring, an institution made up of team of academic mentors and expertise.


Speaking on the success journey of the Academy, Dr. Delphine Asobo said, she started Beveen Mentoring on a very timid note about five years ago. The founder noted that, first thing she did was to test the waters by just helping a few family members who are now in the US, Canada with some working for the US army and others have moved to attend Wharton Business School. “I cannot count the number of people who’ve benefited from Beveen Mentoring directly and indirectly. It’s been a long journey with honesty at the pivot of all our moves.” She explained.

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According to her, Beveen Mentoring is like no other; when you come on board. “We treat you like family, we study your background and recommend the right path for you. There’s no point travelling to a country to study History without knowing whether or not it’ll be useful to you in the long-term. We open your understanding of the world you are about to delve into. No need to jump into a pool when you can’t swim. Obviously, you’ll drown. Beveen Mentoring will not let you jump without equipping you with the skills to swim.” Dr. Delphine Asobo further explained.

Recounting the success story of Beveen Academy, the Founder added that, “Today, we are proud of our progress, invigorated by each challenge we face, and grateful for every breath we draw. Our story is a work in progress and so is yours. We decide each day what kind of life we will inhabit. Will yours be one stifled by fear and external obligations or will you face life triumphantly, knowing you already are exactly who you were meant to be? Your task is to peel back the layers of conditioning to reveal your true glory. May your path be illuminated by those who came before you (Beveen Mentoring) and may you remember always the powerful force that you are.”

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“Thank you to all those who believe in us. We wouldn’t be here without you.” She extends her appreciation.


Beveen Academy runs Mentoring and Scholarships Programmes for persons who wish to study or travel abroad. It is a registered Company in the United Kingdom (UK) and works in collaboration with some universities in the UK, United States of America (USA), and Canada.

Beveen Academy have a team of academic intellectuals in Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Zambia, Russia, UK, USA and Canada who specializes in guiding students through admission and scholarship applications.

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1. They specialize in guiding students through admission and scholarship applications.

2. They help students find the scholarship that meets their specific needs.

3. The company also assists students who are looking to pursue studies abroad.

4. Beveen Mentoring and Scholarships Programmes guides students looking for ways to pay application fees, tuition and reserve their accommodation.

5. They mentor you get your Curriculum vitae (CV), personal statement and all relevant documents right.

6. The company also guide people through admission right through to the visa phase.

7. They offer assessments and more importantly tailor their programmes to your specific needs.

8. They empower individuals who are worried about the higher education application process and provides the needed assistance.

9. They can pay fees and reserve accommodation for you.

Don’t play the “over savvy” game and apply without guidance. Their experience and results speak for them across the globe.

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Contact Beveen Mentoring and Scholarships Programmes now and speak to an experienced mentor for more information. They offer out of hours interviews and assessments and more importantly tailor our programmes to your specific needs.


WhatsApp: +44 7473 128702

Login and read more from the websites below:


Join them on WhatsApp via 00447473128702 if you have plans to travel abroad or you’re about to go to the embassy. Dr. Delphine Asobo will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Please pass this on so your friends can join them on Facebook @Beveen Mentoring Academy.

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