Sing unto Ghana a new song; the choristers’ manifesto – Maxwell Lukutor writes

Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.

Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.

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Do you remember this worship song?

“Sing unto the Lord a new song
Sing unto the Lord all the earth
Sing a holy song from your hearts
Oh hallelujah the Lord is good.”

The people’s manifesto which was presented on the 7th September exactly three moons to the 7th December elections saw the Darling Learned  Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman  conduct a choir of some NDC faithfuls, Okada riders and Abossey Okai spare parts dealers as well as the academics and the Diplomatic Corp as she presents a section of the manifesto which was widely acclaimed to be the most people- centered one so far. They spiced the presentation with chants of “Naana oh dɛnde Naana oh dɛnde….” and she kept swinging her hands like that of a musical conductor. The choir mistress was given a boaster and made her presentation calmly and succinctly.

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One analyst said that if winning election depends only on manifesto then the NDC has already won the election.

You will hear almost all the NPP communicators after their strategic  meeting, changing their initial narrative of “no message no message” to good message but we can’t trust them to deliver on their promises. Is it the case of “you wish for war”….. or  ” if you can’t beat them, join them?”

I hear a lot of commentaries about some u-turns. I hear the Minister of Transport organising some consultative meetings to amend the law banning the use of Okada and promising the legalisation soon. I heard your Ministers and communicators swear that it will never be legalized because it is resulting in fatalities. What has changed?  Do you care to know how Benin, Togo and Rwanda are doing it? Regulation is the key word according to the NDC.

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I also heard the law banning the importation of salvage vehicles is also to be suspended. Na true? I remember 2016 when Nana promised scrapping some aspect of import duties of imported vehicle parts. It got the whole Abossey Okai market into a frenzy. How be market now? Any new promise for them? “When your mother is dead and you claim she is sleeping,  she will soon begin to smell and you’ll have no excuse to give”

What about the braggart Minister Napo wanting to include private schools in the fSHS program? Did he forget they were existing until JM mentioned them in his manifesto? You are loosing steam wai.

“I didn’t come to public office to steal and never did” – Jerry John Rawlings

Is it also true that the teacher licensure examination has been paused for now or postponed ? 😊. Is it because JM promised scrapping it? Hmmmm. Boys are now demanding from JM to promise paying bride price for their girls oh so Nana can begin paying it now😎.

My people say “ne anyigba xɔ dzo koa afɔ ŋtɔ la nya” to wit its the bare foot that feels the heat when the ground is hot. Jah-Phinger the songster also puts it as “”ne kagba ke tsi koa, ekpɔge”. I said it in my last episode that the NPP is being forced to play nonsense at this crucial moment paa oh.

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Is it true that a “4G version” of the NPP manifesto will be launched soon ? I hear there are things in the hard copy which were not in the soft copy presented earlier. No wonder Nana Addo didn’t know the Cape Coast Airport was in the manifesto.

I am sure Ghanaians will be happy to see all the biting pledges of the NDC implemented by President Nana Addo government  before December 7.  What joyous moments the times ahead will be.

Your strategy of organising a demonstration against JM for merely forwarding Adongo’s message didn’t work oh. Why were you so pained by the yahoo yahoo description like that? I hear the ‘Boleans’  (people from Bole) are also threatening that you don’t come to their hood oh. After all “Abaa yɛdi bɔ Takyi’ nu enuã na yedi bebɔ Baah”  to wit what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander.  But why are the mafias fond of threatening the NDC and JDM like that? This does not lead to national cohesion and the earlier it is condemned the better.

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There are a lot of policy options in this manifesto which when followed through will impact greatly on the economy of Ghana.  A Togolese proverb says “Egbɔ yeke la vivi detsia azɔli me ko wola kpɔe le” meaning a goat whose soup will be palatable can be seen in its walk.
The “BIG PUSH” is another big one according to pundits which will create a lot of jobs in the infrastructure sector with the $10billion and have a rippling effect on the county as a whole. What will the NPP do. Four years ago by this time JM was commissioning projects while on the other hand Nana is cutting sod for projects to be started after 7 months. You think Ghanaians are dumb and cannot read between the lines? “Agbo de megbe mefã kɔ ƒe avi o. Avu ŋtɔ le megbe” meaning a ram in a fight doesn’t complain about its neck. The fight itself is ahead.  Know that December 7 is just around the corner.

Now the chicks have come home to roost and the turf is now plain and levelled for the game. We are now ready to rambooooo !!!!.
Our people say “ne veviedodo hiã la megawɔ ƒome o”… to wit when its time for serious business there is no room for jokes.
Its time to interrogate both manifestos and also access the four year rules of both candidates and make a decision that will make Ghana great and strong.

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The writer of this article is a philanthropist, a businessman, the president of the Volta Regional Surveyors Association, the president of Sogasco Old Students Association (SOSA), Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.



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