SO-GNAT Elections: Agboni Nicholas Kelvin speaks on his action plan

Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni
Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni

Sogakope Local Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) secretary aspirant Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni has finally broken silence on his action plan for teachers within the Local and beyond.

Mr. Agboni believes that, the time has come for teachers within the local and beyond to benefit positively from GNAT and government so far as their profession is concerned.

He disclosed that, when elected, he will liaise with his executive officers, the local council and the District among others to champion the interests and welfare of GNAT Members. Highlight of his action plan include:


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In a statement, the SO-GNAT Local secretary aspirant said, he will liaise with key stakeholders to help provide innovative technology, maintain effective records and administration, by providing prompt and efficient services to the membership at the Local level, by making SO-GNAT envious among other Locals.


Agboni again said, he will project the interests of the grassroots teachers and to defend such interests at all levels. “Under my watch, l will liase with other executive officers to effectively promote transparency and accountability within the Local and beyond” He promised.

According to him, he will work assiduosly with his executives when elected to seek the welfare and championing effective realization of the condition of service of members as enshrined in the condition of service for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

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Speaking further, a Former National General Secretary of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) said, he will also use his online news platform to positively help GNAT in relation to membership drive. This, he will do in a positive path to sell GNAT better than any other candidate. “I will also use my news outlets to give timely information to members of GNAT at the Local level and beyond.”


In rebranding the Sogakope local GNAT, Agboni indicated that, when elected, he will work positively with his executive council members and the District to supply timely electronic supplementary souvenirs such as pen drives, modems aside the usual packages to teachers within the Local to equip them when government finally distribute laptops to teachers as promised.


The former President of the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA), Agboni Nicholas Kelvin said, it high time government through GNAT help teachers to secure properties. He believes that, the time has come for the leadership of GNAT to take steps in liaising with government to help teachers acquire properties such as houses, cars before their retirement. According to him, he will help champion this for teachers at the local level so as to be recognized at the national level.

Agboni Nicholas Kelvin awarded outstanding student leader


Agboni assures delegates that, when he is given the mandate as the secretary, he will work closely with the Local Executive Council and the South Tongu District GNAT to coordinate and constantly organize professional development programmes for teachers such as promotion workshops, parallel workshop on the new GES curriculum among others.


Award winner, Mr. Agboni is piosed of revamping social programmes within the Local, through organization of GNAT Quizzes among teachers to help provide the needed education on the Association to members including sport and games for teachers. He believes that, these activities will rekindle the bonded socialization and togetherness among teachers.


It’s a fact that, some teachers have less knowledge on IT and how to effectively use laptop computers. Agboni Nicholas Kelvin, who is an IT expert believe that, he will organize free ICT/IT related programmes for teachers within the Local ahead of the government’s intended plans to distribute laptop computers to teachers. According to him, this will help teachers to easily use the laptops during teaching and learning.


“I will bring on board IT experts to help teachers learn how to use the computers to download electronic/printed lesson plans online for their lessons. I will help equip teachers with the requisite knowledge and skills on how to use electronic gadgets such as projectors, laptops etc. to effectively deliver their lessons” Agboni Nicholas Kelvin promised.


He expresses his appreciation to government for its public announcement to absorb 70% payment of laptop computers for teachers. According to him, GNAT should also absorb the remaining 30% of the yet to be distributed laptops to it members.

In the contrary, he said, if GNAT cannot provide that support, then there’s a need for a renegotiation for government to absorb all the cost of laptops to be distributed to teachers.

“We are working for Ghana government. Government workers should not pay for the logistics to be used in rendering his/her services to the nation” He explained.

He therefore promised to launch a serious campaign through approved and appropriate means to champion the request for teachers when elected.


“Due to the stress most teachers in the deprived communities and others in the urban areas go through to secure GNAT loans, it will be appropriate for establishment of an online processing of loan systems for teachers to smoothly and easily access loans through electronic payments. I, when elected shall, through the appropriate quarters Champion this agenda for teachers within the local and beyond. There’s a need for increment in maximum loan amount for teachers.” Agboni Nicholas Kelvin said.


Speaking on the safety of teachers, he promised, to launch a health screening campaign for teachers within SO-GNAT by the approval of the Local Executive Council.


In a highlight, Agboni Nicholas Kelvin added that, there is a need for the Leadership of GNAT to consider establishment of a standard BANK for its members to help get more returns than periodically increasing interest rate on loans and contributions for members. “I am of the view that, there should be a significant reduction of interest rate on loans for teachers and an increase in the maximum loan amount for interested teachers to help them meet their needs.


The Former SRC General Secretary of Akatsi College of Education, Agboni Nicholas Kelvin said there is a need to improve on the membership drive for GNAT. He said, the Locals through the District must organize periodic orientation programmes for prospective teachers on campuses to join GNAT. He also proposed timely supply of GNAT Identity cards to new members of the Association.


On the issue of lesson plans, he said, written lesson plan should be replaced with electronic/printed once for teachers.


He assured delegates to count on him because his administration shall work with key stakeholders in order for cheques meant for loans to be made available to interested members on time to secure their loans.

Agboni added that, among the new collective agreement approved for teachers, there is a need for form or class masters/teachers to benefit from responsibility allowances like other GES staff.

Addressing the issue of proposed increment of cancer fund, he said, it will be more appropriate for current GNAT cancer fund to be maintained. Explaining further, he noted that, there should be proper investment to expand the cancer facility rather than an increment to cater for its intended purposes. He again indicated that, the cancer fund should include parents of teachers since not all members of the Association are married and have children.



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