Sogakofe SHS Headmaster discloses major challenges facing the school

Mr. Newman H.K Dziedzoave
Mr. Newman H.K Dziedzoave

Challenges facing Sogakofe Senior High School 

The Headmaster of Sogakofe Senior High School (SOGASCO) Mr. Newman H.K Dziedzoave has disclosed some major challenges facing the school since its inception.

According to the Headmaster, the dense population of the school in the era of government’s flagship program is a major contributing factor among others.


In a welcome statement during the grand durbar of the Sogakofe Senior High School 60th anniversary celebration held on Saturday, 26th November, 2022 at the premises of the school, the Headmaster said the current students population stands at 3,606 comprising 1,135 SHS 1 students, 1,259 SHS 2 students and 1,212 SHS 3 students with very little update on infrastructure and other logistics provisions.

Outling the challenges, Mr. Newman H.K Dziedzoave said, there is a need for government’s urgent intervention towards addressing the state of the challenges.

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Below are some of the challenges disclosed by the Headmaster on behalf of the School Board of Governors, School Management, the Parent-Teacher Association, Old Students Association, Staff and Students of the Sogakofe Senior High School (SOGASCO).

1. Insecurity on Campus

The Headmaster disclosed that, insecurity on campus is a major factor affecting the school. According to him, the school land with Executive Instrument (E.I) 48 is highly encroached and poses threat to staff, students and properties of the school.

The thorough fare through the campus renders everybody vulnerable to threats with general insecurity and its attendants problems. Classes are sometimes halted because of activities of hooligans on campus.

He explained that, the issue of land encroachment is currently at the High Court – Sogakofe. Management of the school wishes to completely wall the land as soon as the issue is settled.

2. Students Indiscipline

Students indiscipline in the school is on the rise, especially when they get to SHS 3.

The Headmaster revealed that, indiscipline issues in Sogakofe Senior High School come in the following ways:

a. Possession of mobile phones.

b. Pilfering, breaking bounds.

c. Use of hard drugs; weed, tramadol etc.

d. Engaging in nights patrol like Police

e. Refusal to write exam and register with the House Parents.

f. Student-Student relationship issues.

He explained that, they have per blessings and directive of the Board of Governors been sending students home for parental counseling. School Management is grateful to all parents and stakeholders for their prompt responses to their clarion calls during the year under review.


3. Lack of Assembly Hall

According to him, the school since its inception has not been lucky to be awarded an assembly hall. Juxtaposing the current number of students, there is a need for new assembly hall. The Headmaster appealed to government to construct 5,000 seater capacity assembly hall for the school.

4. Inadequate Classroom

There is inadequate classroom blocks in the Sogakofe Senior High School. The dense population of the school requires additional classroom blocks to support smooth and effective teaching and learning.

Management of the school has therefore appealed to government to construct additional 18 unit classroom block for the school.

5. Inadequate Dormtories

Inadequate dormitories is a key challenge affecting the school.

The Headmaster explained that, since 1961, the existing 2 boys dormitory blocks have not seen additions or renovations. The facilities are quiet dilapidated and pose a health hazard to students. Girls have about 6 satellite dormitories some of which are make-shift ones.

In this regard, the Headmaster appealed to government to build additional 3 dormitory blocks for the school.

6. Inadequate Science laboratory for the school.

7. Lack of school bus and pick-up

The state of the current bus is so frail and weak; leaving staff and students in the middle of their journey.

The school management appealed to government for brand new school bus and pick-up. It is unedyfing that for 60 years, the school has never been given a pick-up.

8. Inadequate washrooms

The Headmaster said, inadequate washrooms for boys, girls and staff is another key challenge facing the school. A very bad sight for all, making girls resort to ‘wrap and throw” because of the state of their washrooms.

The Headmaster therefore appealed to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo through the Ministry of Education and GetFund to construct adequate washrooms for the school.



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