Some popular Ewe names and their meaning

Ewe displaying their culture
Ewe displaying their culture

Nuname – Gift

Sename – God’s gift to humankind

Evenu – God have mercy upon him/her


Senanu – God is the giver

Senya – God knows

Nusesi – Thy mighty hand

Worlasi – In the creator’s hand

Vadem – Come and save me

Korkoe -Holy

Kplorm – Guide me

Kplorla – Leader, shepherd

Valikem – Come and establish me

Nusetor – The mighty one

Agbeko – If only there is life

Nunana – Gift

Edzordzinami – We are glad

Edzorna – It happens

Efakornam – He has comforted me

Efanam – I am comforted

Nunya – Knowledge and wisdom

Yingor – Excel

Yram – Bless me

Yormawu – Call on God

Zanetor – Darkness must seize

Nunyati – Tree of knowledge and

Nukunu – Wonder

Agbemabiase – The origin of life is not known

Agbemafle – Life cannot be bought

Gayra – Bless again

Magava – I shall return

Venunye – Favor me or give me thy

Vormawu – Fear God

Yesutor – Belongs to Jesus

Malike – I shall be established

Manoagbe – I shall live

Mawudinam – I am lucky

Fafali – There is peace

Fiavi – Prince

Foli – First son

Gameli – There is time for everything

Abla – Tuesday-born girl

Esinu – Waiting upon the Lord

Etor – Belongs to God

Etornam – God has answered me

Amewusika – People are more valuable than material things

Agbenyefia – Life is the king

Edotomi – God has heard us

Agbenyega – Life is the greatest

Agbenyo – Life is good

Mawutor – Belongs to God

Blewu – Be patient

Bubune – Adorable and honour onto Him

Mawueyram – God blesses me

Mawuworge – God will do it

Agbesi – Life is the greatest

Edzordzinam – I am glad

Fenuku – Year seed

Edotom – God has heard me

Feyi – A year has passed

Xetsa – Twin

Yawa – Born on Thursday

Lorlorli – There is always love

Afefa – Peaceful house

Edudzi – Winner

Edrorlali – The judge lives

Afeke – The root of the house

Afelete – Established home

Agbe – Life

Selorm – God loves me, divine love

Eyra – He blesses

Eyram – God has blessed me

Delado – The saviour has emerged

Delasi – In the saviour’s hands.

Akorfa – Peaceful heart

Butsorme – Think of tomorrow

Nyuiemedzi – I seek good things

Akorfala – Comforter

Elorm – God loves and adores me

Dzidzorli – There is happiness

Akpe – Appreciation

Ehenyuive – Bringer of joy

Kekleli – There’s light

Amenuveve – Grace

Enyo – Perfect

Nutifafa – Peace

Lorlornyo – Love is good

Klenami – Shine for us

Nutikorkoe – Glory

Mawunyo – God is good

Senam – God’s gift to me

Lorlor – Love

Senyegbe – Hear my voice

Mawukoenya – Only God knows

Enyonam – Contented

Ese – He hears

Amenyo – Human is precious

Nalikem – Establish me

Nayra – Bless

Norkplim – Abide with me

Nyuitor – Perfect.

Credit: Keta Vibes


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