Comedian DKB sends a strong message to Prez. Nana Addo over E-levy

Comedian Derick Kobina Bonney popularly called DKB
Comedian Derick Kobina Bonney popularly called DKB

Popular Ghanaian comedian Derick Kobina Bonney, popularly called DKB has contributed to the E-Levy debating which is trending in the country.

According to the comedian, the Government must ask the telecommunications companies across all the country to reduce their transactions charges to 0.5%.

He further added that, the Government must also reduce it’s E-levy from 1.75% to 0.5% because the prices of comodities such as Kenkey are still increasing.


In a tweet, the comedian said “Make the telcos charge 0.5% for transactions.

Reduce the E-levy to 0.5%.

Totalling 1% per transaction, the same percentage we are used and no citizen will complain.

Cos as it stands now, we are not done paying for increase in food prices, a ball of kenkey is now 3gh! Herh”

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As usual, some Ghanaians have been reacting to the tweet made by the comedian, below are some of them.

  • Citizen Yao in a comment said “No government does not deserve a penny. It makes no sense to pay tax to government for sending money to my mum to buy provisions. The dangerous aspect is, if we allow them, they will collateralize the e levy for 10 years loan and they will come back after a year to say let’s increase it to be able to pay the loan and they will collateralize it again and it continues”
  • Nuansaniba in a comment said “The 1% telcos charge is split between them, momo agents and taxes. Once we allow gov’t to charge even 0.1%, we give them the chance to increase it in future. So I say No E-levy. Gov’t can tax telcos more, I don’t care..”
  • Just crossed my mind: how did we even get to the 1% these telcos charge. Cos the kind of interest they make on these funds in their custody is even huge enough.




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