Stephen Atubiga resigns from NDC : Asks Ofosu Ampofo where the huge 2020 campaign cash is

Stephen Atubiga
Stephen Atubiga

Mr. Stephen Atubiga who once attempted to become the Presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress has resigned from the party.

Mr. Stephen Atubiga announced his resignation from the opposition National Democratic Congress earlier today on his Facebook page.

In his resignation letter to the executives of the Party’s hierarchy, he asked the National Chairman of the party some questions regarding the 2020 Presidential election.


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Below are some of the questions Mr. Stephen Atubiga asked Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who is the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress in his resignation letter.

1. Where are the NDC p ink sheets of the 2020 election?


2. What happened to the huge moneys allocated to the various campaign directorates, especially the IT collation system allegedly put in place by the party executives which was financed by JDM?

3. Is it the duty of JDM to secure the votes at the polling stations, pink sheets and all the necessary documented evidence or the responsibility of the duly elected National Executives with their various appointed election directors and the campaign team?

4. Which anti-JDM clique maneuvered and influenced the appointment of their loyal co-conspirators as election directors, campaign team members and the two AWOL musketeers at the EC headquarters which compromised the true presidential outcome?

5. Why spend another huge party money, waste everyone’s time creating false hope on a deliberate wild goose chase in respect of a so called election auditing and only ended up going to court with an empty hand?




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