Stephen Atubiga thanks NDC for taking a bold step by suspending him

Stephen Atubiga
Stephen Atubiga
A staunch member of the opposition National Democratic Congress Mr. Stephen Atubiga has reacted to his suspension.

Mr. Stephen Atubiga was suspended by the National Democratic Congress for denigrating the Party and individuals in the Party.b

However, reacting to his suspension, Mr. Stephen Atubiga appreciated the leadership of the Party for taking the bold decision to suspend him.



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“I want to thank the FEC leadership of the NDC. for their bold decision in my suspension. I am really grateful for their swift action in protection of the NDC party we all believe in. Good job there comrades.


I presented myself to FEC leadership as directed. after listening to the leadership of FEC about my statement against NDC’s idiology, I willingly apologized to the party and leadership.


I also apologised same on my Facebook wall and social media handles. I also sent a letter of apology to the party.
Now , during the discussion of the topics why I was summoned,I mean the reasons on the official invitation sent to me. had no Alabi issues in it. the national chairman Ampofo pulled a surprise one during the meeting. That prof AlabI had called him Ampofo to complaining of me criticizing him. which he Alabi finds some of my criticism personal.


I told Ampofo right there that, Alabis case of complaining to you was personal. And I could have also been alerted to arm myself in defending that . So I told Ampofo that was personal and i would make time to meet Alabi one on one , and where he Alabi feels personally attacked of my constructive criticism , of his failure to do his job well as a campaign manager leading to our defeat, then I will apologise to him. It was a gentleman agreement at the FEC . It was a discussion that was briefly discussed.


Then I got an official letter from the party adding Alabis Apology included to the condition of the apology to the party officially agreed at FEC.


I was very disappointed , very sad of the party making Alabi personal complian official. I asked myself so many questions. Is Alabi the party ? Is Alabi above criticism? Is Alabi personal issues party matter? Is Alabi a special party member than others? Did Alabi put his complaining on paper to the party officially ,that I didn’t get a copy ?

I have been looking through our NDC constitution , where a member can complain to the party on his personal issues for action against another , without given him a chance to respond. I never got a to respond well on Alabi issues.


I was not also given any official documents or letter from Alabi petitioning the party against me.


I have been looking in the NDC constitution where a member can complain without putting in writing. Especially on personal issues.

I have been looking where the NDC constitution say a party member can’t criticize another . Or internal criticism.
I have been looking where the NDC constitution says elected official of the party can not be criticized or held accountable to their Omission and commission . Especially failing to protect votes as campaign manager.

I would never say or do anything that would bring the integrity of my party down. But the party stands for accountability and probity.

Alabi as a campaign manager has failed as in protecting NDC / JDM votes during this 2020 election. Alabi has shown incompetence in coordinating with the election body of the NDC,to collate the 6000000 six million v votes given us by the grassroots.

The IT sector has failed us in collection of the results. The IT sector Could have done better in given us our victory results swiftly. How can our system crashing within shortest time on election day? No backups. I mean backups. Set a system like Binduri internet cafe and expecting results? And he still hasn’t resigned shamefully.

Some national leadership of the party must give way for new managers. The NDC needs new drivers to give us victory.
I man must stand for the truth. Even if it would take his life.

I will give the disciplinary leadership of my party , Evidence that would Back my allegations. Will tell them the truth of protection and projection of the NDCs victory 2024.

The NDC party is bigger than Atubiga. But my dignity as a man, and what I stand for, can never be taken away from me. My 28years membership of the NDC is never regrettable today or tomorrow. With a lot to say to the disciplined leadership.

There is a lot in me to say about the party and against some leadership of the party, when I get the opportunity to meet the disciplinary leadership of the party.
I pray God should continue to give me the strength. not spell any information that may bring the party down . till i meet the disciplinary leadership.

The NDC is always Paramount. Leadership rotates, neither is political leadership position marriage till death do you apart.

All my supporters should stay cool. The NDC has it’s process of setting issues in the interest of the party, not individual.”




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