Covid-19 Vaccine: I am disappointed in John Mahama – Stephen Atubiga

Stephen Atubiga and John Dramani Mahama
Stephen Atubiga and John Dramani Mahama

A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Stephen Atubiga says he is disappointed former President John Dramani Mahama has taken the Covid-19 vaccine jab now.

According to him, though he is not against his decision to receive the covid-19 vaccine, he believes that, the timing is very bad and risky so far as his security, safety etc are concerned in the means of crucial issues in the country.

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Mr. Stephen Atubiga said, despite he has the desire to take over from John Dramani Mahama as a President when he retired, he doesn’t wish to succeed him through a misfortune as the time he is needed most.

He has also accused John Dramani Mahama’s health management team for not advising him on the decision to take the covid-19 vaccine at the time the entire country is saturated with tension including Election Petition bruhaha.

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Earlier today, the 2020 Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress Mr. John Dramani Mahama together with his wife Lordina Mahama have received their covid-19 vaccine jab at Police Hospital in Accra. Mr. Mahama noted that, he has agreed to take the vaccine publicly, to encourage and assure all Ghanaians that the vaccines are safe.

“As a former Ambassador for the GAVI Alliance, I can confidently say that vaccines are useful in preserving our health. I appealed to you to disregard all the rumours about the covid-19 vaccine. John Dramani Mahama said.

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In a statement, Stephen Atubiga said, “l am very disappointed for JDM taken the covid-19 vaccine now. The timing is very wicked, risky for his safety and dangerous for him now, especially with a heavy national security judgement on the laps of the justices. I have the strong appetite of taking over from you as a president, but not risking your life now that you are needed most ❤️ than ever. Well, I am disappointed. Your health handlers are very carless especially with this election petition on going.  Ask JJ. JDM why, why, I am very disappointed, all NDC should increase their prayers for his life. Well, Time would Tell.”



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