Aggrieved graduate teachers to demonstrate over delayed upgrading and salary arrears


A group of aggrieved graduate teachers have threatened to concurrently hit the streets across the sixteen regions of Ghana between 4th and 6th March, 2021 to openly make their concerns known to the public after exhausting all diplomatic procedures on issues of delayed upgrading, outstanding salary arrears since returning from Study-Leave.

According to the aggrieved graduate teachers, they have graduated successfully from the country’s prestigious universities in various fields of studies since 2019 but have not been upgraded to receive salaries that merit their ranks.

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In addition, the group also disclosed that, though they were posted to some Senior High Schools in the country, they are been paid as Diploma teachers instead of graduate teachers with Degrees.

“Unfortunately, we have not been accorded the recognition as GRADUATE TEACHERS for over a year now. Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes in October 2019, we were posted to various SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS and areas we would be useful.” They said.

The teachers are therefore calling on Government through the Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Education to address their concerns immediately.

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Greetings to you Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to witness our Press Release for very good reasons. We sincerely thank you for responding to our invitation. We must put on record that it is with deep Pain and Sorrow we’ve release this statement. As you all know, those of us here are all professional teachers of good standing.

We have been in the service for averagely ten years now and we want to find out from GES, MINISTRY of EDUCATION and GOVERNMENT whether it has become a sin to seek HIGHER EDUCATION.

Those of us here have GRADUATED from the country’s PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES in various field of studies that show the significant need to GES with good results upon due approval.


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Unfortunately, we have not been accorded the recognition as GRADUATE TEACHERS for over a year now. Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes in October 2019, we were posted to various SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS and areas we would be useful.

The GES procedures for UPGRADING set out the necessary DOCUMENTS pass through the DISTRICTS/METRO. to the REGIONAL Office and then to the HEADQUARTER of GES, ACCRA for approval. We have done all these, but we are still paid as Diploma teachers.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is grossly unacceptable.  We want to state categorically that We are prepared to HIT THE STREETS in all the SIXTEEN REGIONS concurrently to drum home our demands between 4th and 6th march 2021.

We ask with respect that GES, MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and GOVERNMENT respond swiftly to cause our UPGRADING in MARCH otherwise, we will advise ourselves. Therefore we are here to ask for the following:

All teachers who graduated from the University with study-leave with pay 2019 be upgrade by the end of the March, 2021.

All teachers of this category be issued with upgrading letters by the end of the March 2021.

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All teachers of this category be paid all arrears due them.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not as if we have not followed procedures. We have visited our REGIONAL DIRECTORATE on countless occasions on this matter and nothing positive has come out of it.

Regional GNAT has been greeted with our concerns and nothing has come out of it.  However we want to thank our Regional Officers for always receiving us but unfortunately what matters most is our upgrading which has not been done. It is instructive to note that majority of our colleagues have had to deal with the trauma that this brings economically, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Ladies and gentleman, you know very well our right place is the classroom but as it is said the toad runs not in the day time for no cause. These are the pressing matters we have been harboring for the past year to date.

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We call on GES to accord us RESPECT, FAIRNESS and JUSTICE by serving us well and they call on us to serve by teaching well. We thank you very much for your undivided attention. Let those who hear take appropriate action.

Thank you.


Evans Ennin Dickson (0240567398)

John Ben Aidoo (0246574749)

Thywill Dzikunu (0249859332)

Obeng Francis (0552039123)

Opoku Benjamin (0243294388)



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