Scrap undue delay in teacher academic progression and upgrade; Make the profession flexible

Director-General of GES Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa

Director-General of GES Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa

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The Executive Director of African Foundation for Educational Development (AFED) Mr. Ernest Kwame Adade has called on the Ghana Education Service to scrap undue delay in teacher academic progression and upgrade and make the profession flexible for all GES staff.

The Ghana Education Service, in 2015, rolled out a directive which ensures that newly posted teachers with Diploma would have to observe seven (7) years in the teaching service before being upgraded to the next rank, apart from the traditional four years promotion process.

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Attached to this directive,  teachers would have to obtain permission from the district office before attempting to embark on any form of further studies ie. Distance Education and Sandwich Education.

The directive also seeks to ensure that all teachers at such level are strictly monitored and regulated such that, they attain a minimum of four years in the service before attempting to pursue higher learning. This then justifies the 7 years upgrading directive.

The Foundation, finds this directive and the norms surrounding it very disincentive to the path of academia teachers have chosen to chart.

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With the introduction of the Bachelor of Education program in our Colleges of Education ( CoE) it is estimated that, the first batch of graduates would directly be placed on the rank of Principal Superintendent(PS) when  employed. While in- service teachers would be struggling to meet a four restriction term before gaining permission to embark on further studies.

It is worthy of notice that, even with the introduction of the one year Top- Up – Program which allows National Service Personnel to up grade themselves in terms of studies, some District Education offices still hold on to the directives stated above, punishing teachers to strictly adhere to the 4 years restrictions before furthering, whether the one opts for Distance Education or Sandwich over the traditional study leave mode.

Latest administrative changes at the Ghana Education Service

In 2019, no teacher under the GES was promoted to the rank of P.S  Assistant Director II and I as well as Deputy Director.

The disadvantages this situation poses are numerous.

It renders as waste, the time spent awaiting approval and money spent on studies when denied up grading in due time.

Zero Up grading and promotion  in the shortest possible time.

It reduces the interest and zeal of the teacher since the directive finds itself unfair to the teaching profession.

Key highlights from the vetting of Education Minister Designate, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum

Both the Four years wait restriction and the Seven years promotion directive have outlived it’s implementation considering the many interventions that have been introduced to bridge the gap between the Diploma Certificate and the B.Ed  Certificate.

The African Foundation for Educational Development ( AFED) , calls on the G.E.S to  scrap off the four years restriction and the Seven year qualification up grade owing to the many positive reforms introduced in our current educational  structure.

I’ve never said gov’t is increasing workers’ salaries by 12.5%, including teachers – Dr. Adutwum

The G.E.S must come out with a clear- cut counter directive to allow teachers to embark on further studies irrespective of which year the one was employed in the service.

of African Foundation for Educational Development (AFED) calls on the various Teacher Union to add up in resolving the issues surrounding this policy, considering the fact that, it is no longer relevant to our current education system.

The Ghana Education Service must put up very flexible measures  for up grading once the teacher is qualified and due the required rank in order to prevent undue victimisation of teachers.

Government’s failure to listen is the ultimate cause of KNUST SHS student’s death – ECSI Director

Once attention is paid to teacher up grade and promotion, it serves a lot of incentive purposes boosting staff morale and efficiency.

For more information, kindly contact the Executive Director of African Foundation for Educational Development (AFED) Ernest Kwame Adade on 0241196960



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