Video: Tsatsu Tsikata speaks on his son Manifest deciding to become a Rapper instead of a Lawyer

Renowned Ghanaian lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata popularly nicknamed THE LAW FACULTY has spoken about his son deciding to become a Rapper instead of a lawyer.

Many Ghanaians have been questioning why a renowned lawyer like Tsatsu Tsikata allowed his son (Rapper Manifest) to become a musician instead of compelling him to become a lawyer.

Speaking during an interview on Citi FM, the lawyer Tsikata said that he did not have any problems with his son when he decided to become a lawyer.


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According to him, there was no way he was going to compel Manifest to choose any Career than the career that inspires him.

He further added that, he (lawyer Tsikata) enjoys music alot but he does not have any musical skills as his son—Manifest.


Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata said;

“That’s my son, indeed he has taken to music and am very proud of that because I wish I had that kind of creative skills.

I’m very proud of what he does. I enjoy music but I don’t have any musical skills.

When questioned if he listens to Manifest’s music, the renowned lawyer said that he does listen to his son’s music and the lyrics of his music are tremendous.”

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