Teachers read the book of lamentations on GES as they commemorate Teachers Day

A Ghanaian teacher teaching pupils
A Ghanaian teacher teaching pupils

As the world marks teachers day today 5th October, 2021, some teachers have taken the opportunity to vent their lamentations to the their employer, the Ghana Education Service.


The Ghana Education Service earlier today posted a flyer wishing it’s employees HAPPY WORLD TEACHER’S DAY.

However, instead of rejoicing on the day that is set aside to celebrate Teachers, the teachers in the country used the opportunity to lament bitterly about the poor treatment being meted out to them by their employer.


Your authentic information source, Cover Ghana brings you a list of lamentations made by Teachers in the country to their employer, the Ghana Education Service below.

“Don’t just wish them, respect them, listen to their plight and provide the conducive environment that helps them to function well devoid of intimidations and unnecessary threats.”

New update on 2021 GES Recruitment of teachers [Requirements, Documents, Portal, Application]

“Who told you we need this? Happy teachers day when we were given 4% salary increment? Please take your day!”

“You have denied us Junior Rank Promotions for more than a year but expect us to be happy?Keep your wishes.”

“It’s very sad that teachers have to be in classrooms on this important day meant to celebrate them.”

“Most of us teachers cry each day watching our payslip.. Bad salary structure for teachers therefore most of them depend on loans for a living. Who told you GES that teachers need your wishes for this meaningless day??”

“Until you begin to treat your employees well as done in other sectors, your name will remained bad forever”

“We really don’t need these wishes. I don’t know who is celebrating us. Can’t this “One Day” be made a holiday for teachers? As teachers, we are in the classroom teaching, so whom are you celebrating?”

“This day should have been used to mark our quintessential role to the nation’s development, with bonuses and motivations to energize us to give off our best.”

Read more lamentations from teachers across the country HERE

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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