Teaching as an Act and Science; Assessment for Basic Education

Students in class
Students in class

Tikya Eric Wireko

Teaching is an activity, that more experienced person helps the less experienced person to learn. This signifies that, the teacher must be more knowledgeable than the learner. Some people think teachers are born. Others also believe that teachers are made. Well, both answers maybe correct and at the same time wrong.

Some people have the talent for teaching and teach naturally. Others have to learn the skills systematically before getting used to an acceptable teaching style.


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Teaching, as an art, depends on the individual teacher and his personality. The likes of religious prophets, Jesus Christ and Mohammed exhibited great teaching skills without formal training. The likes of ancient philosophers, Aristotle Plato and Socrates were other great teachers. Dancers, and painters display their skills of teaching artistically. Though many teachers have natural gifts of communication and interaction, modern teaching does not rely solely on the ability to display this art.

Teaching is now a science, with the body of knowledge. It is for this reason that it has to be systematically arranged and taught to trainee teachers. The experiment and theoretical study of learning is a branch of psychology, which underpins the science of teaching and learning. Therefore whether you are a ‘born’ teacher or not you can learn, how to teach skillfully and scientifically.

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Through research, experiment have been able to discover the best ways in which we can give information so that learners would understand easily. But remember that a good teacher must have some personality traits that can support him to practice effectively as a teacher or learn to teach effectively. For instance, if your pupils dislike you because of your poor temper, they may still not enjoy your teaching even if you use the correct approach.

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In summary, Teaching involves a teacher putting the learner through certain activities with the intention of bringing about a change in behaviour of the learner. The main purpose of teaching is to help others to be successful at learning.

Credit: Eric Wireko – Ghanaian Language & Culture – Consultant.


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