“The Reasons Why I Support The Verdict” – Mr. Oscar Yao Doe Writes on Supreme Court’s Ruling

Mr. Oscar Yao Doe
Mr. Oscar Yao Doe

Renowned businessman, a social activist and the Executive Chairman of Eurostar Limousine Group, Mr. Oscar Yao Doe has written an article in which he indicates that he supports the supreme court of Ghana’s judgement on the National Democratic Congress Vrs the Electoral Commission case.

In his article which he titles “The Reason Why I Support The Verdict” Mr. Doe congratulated the seven member supreme court panel led by the Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah for their Classic And Time Enduring Decision.

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Congratulate The Supreme Court Of Ghana For Their Classic And Time Enduring Decision On The Case NDC Vs Electoral Commission. I Commend The Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah Together With The Seven (7) Member Panel Namely; Justices Jones Dotse, Paul Baffoe-Bonnie, Nasiru Sule Gbadegbe, Samuel K. Marful-Sau, Nene Amegatcher And Professor Nii Ashie Kotey.


The Reason Why I Support The Verdict:

1. The Most Important “Issue” Who Is A Ghanaian” As I Have Predicted Was Non Negotiable And The Court Was Crystal Clearer.

2.The Court Did Not Disenfranchised Any Ghanaian Which Was Extremely Unique (Wisdom) All Other Matters Were Mere Brainwashed Noise Making.

3.To Make The Argument Simpler The Court Said If You’re A Ghanainan Without Passport Or Ghana Card Get 2 Other Ghanaians Who Can Testify “Yes You’re” A Ghanaian” (Vouching)

4. The Court Was 100% Right To Accept The EC Required Documentation Criteria. (The Court Will Also Accept In The Future If The EC Decides To Include Driving License,Student ID, Etc.) As Form Of Identification. The Court Got It Right 💯


5.The Issue Of Weather The EC Has Power To Undertake Any Voter Registration Was Crystal Clearer ( The EC Is Mandated By Law For Such Duties And Responsibility).

I Respect H.E John Mahama’s And The NDC Disappointment On The Verdict. The NDC Should Encourage It People To Register.

The NDC Argument Was Weak Because The Court Was Open For A Convincing Legal Precedent Argument But The NDC Went To Court With Sentiment And Emotions ( The NDC Should Mobilise It People To Register. End Of Story) The Law Doesn’t Recognise Sentiments And Emotional Arguments. No.
In Law : Unless You Present A Convincing Argument Especially If You Can Back It With Previous Case (“Precedent”) Nothing Else.
Let’s Create Honest Society For Our Collective Good Towards A PROSPEROUS Society.

Personally: I Still Believe A New Register Is Not Necessary, Especially This Critical Moment: Current Voter Register Is Still Credible It Was Used To Create (6) New Regions And District Assembly Elections In December 2019.

For Nothing At All, Covid-19 Pandemic Impact Should Have Been Considered And Avoid Such Exercise To Save Lives, And Divert That $200 Million Dollars Taxpayers Money To Help Millions Of Ghanaian Households Who Are Genuinely Suffering.

Nonetheless, I Stand Shoulder To Shoulder With The Seven (7) Wise Men Panel At The Supreme Court. They Have Made Time Enduring Decision For Ghana. May God Bless Them.


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