“They know Discrimination against tribes can lead to civil war but they don’t care” – Bridget Otoo laments

Bridget Otoo

Bridget Otoo

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News anchor with Accra-based TV3, Bridget Otoo had made a comment about tribal discrimination that has got many people talking.

According to the broadcaster who has become known for advocating against tribal or ethnic discrimination in a tweet indicated that, discrimination against tribes can lead to civil war but people who knows that this can happen don’t care.

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A series of tweets from the Broadcaster against tribal discrimination generated a lot of controversy which have made many of her followers to comment on the issue.

In two separate tweets, Bridget Otoo said

I don’t know how it feels like to be an
Ewe or a northerner at this time. It must
be tiring. I don’t get the same treatment
cos I’m “Akan”

It is our diversity that makes us
Ghanaians. Dagbani, Ewe, Gonja Nzema
etc… No one tribe should be the
yardstick to defining a Ghanaian!


Discrimination against tribes can
lead to civil war. They know this
but they don’t care..

Below are some of the reactions from her followers;





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