Tom Barnett Cause of Death and Net Worth

Tom Barnett was an English footballer with  Romford, Crystal Palace, St Albans City. Tom was born on the 12th of December 1936 in Muswell Hill, England and sadly died on 15 March 2022 at the of aged 85. Tom Barnett Cause of Death and Net Worth.

Tom Barnett during his active football days Played for the following teams; Crystal Palace, Chatham Town, Bexley United.

He also became a player manger for some years at St Albans City and also managed Hoddesdon Town and Hertford Town.


Tom Barnett Cause of Death

The cause of the death of Tom Barnett is currently not known as the family is yet to make any statement on the reason behind the demise of the football legend.

Tom Barnett Net Worth

Barnett’s Net Worth was $1.5 Million in estimation as at the time of his death. Tom was one of the famous and rich Association Football Players in England.

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