UCC Atlantic Hall inaugurates new Parliamentary Council 2023

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UCC Atlantic Hall inaugurates new Parliamentary Council 2023

The Atlantic Hall (Mariners) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has inaugurated new Parliamentary Council of the ALT eleven (11th) House of Parliament on Sunday, 12th February, 2023.

This follows the dissolution of the 10th House of Parliament and the election of Rt. Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amoah as the Speaker of the Atlantic Hall House of Parliament.

The colourful ceremony held on Sunday, 12th February, 2023 at the ATL quadrangle, also saw swearing-in ceremony of sub-committee members the JCR.

These include; Welfare Committee, Floor Representatives, Library Committee, Health Committee, Judicial Board, Editorial Board, Media and Publicity Committee, Entertainment Committee, Sports Committee and Diaspora Relations.


Statement from the Clerk to Parliament

The Clerk of the House, outlined Standing orders for proceedings for dissolution of the 10th House of Parliament, inauguration of the 11th  House of Parliament and swearing-in of sub-committee members.

Speaking during proceedings, she said, “Hon. Members, pursuant to Order 9 of the Standing orders of this House and with regards to the election of a Speaker for the House; having fortified me specially with order 9 (3) to act accordingly as Chairperson of the House for the first sitting of Parliament.”

“Order 9 (1) states clearly that “The first business of the new Parliamentary council shall be the election of a speaker as soon as a quorum is present before Members will be sworn in.” Accordingly, I invite you all to this august sitting today, Sunday 12th February 2023 for the purpose of electing a Speaker, the administration of oaths and election of deputy speakers.”

“Hon. members elect, it is my honour to inform you that I have received from the Electoral Commission the writ of elections of members of the 11th Parliamentary Council and I shall proceed to read the communications: There are 70 members in total out of these, 37 are Members of the Majority bench and 33 are Members of the Minority bench.” Hon. Members elect, by this communication, the writ is aptly tabled.


The Clerk to Parliament explained that, in accordance with order 43(1) of our standing orders, she is satisfied that, a quorum to enable her to proceed to the election of the speaker has been formed.

Also, in reference to the Standing Order 10(3) which states “No person shall be proposed as Speaker unless the person has given his consent to be nominated” It is also to draw your attention to Standing Order 10 (4) which states, “A member, (Majority Leader preferably) addressing himself to the Clerk, shall propose such a person to the House as the Speaker and shall move that such person “do take the Chair of this House as Speaker”, which motion must be seconded without debate.


“Majority Leader: Madam clerk to parliament who has the singular honour of chairing the first sitting of parliament, in accordance with order 9(3) of our standing orders, I rise in recognition of the fact that there has been a lacuna as far as the office of the speaker is concerned. Madam clerk, all rules of procedure provided in order 10 of our standing orders, which states that on occasion like this, parliament shall proceed to the election of speaker as soon as a quorum is formed.”

He explained that, standing on the back of order 10(2), 10(3) and 10(4), as he proposed Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amoah to the house as Speaker of the 11th Parliamentary Council.

A Brief About Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amaoh

Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amaoh was born on 11th May 1999, to Mr  Edward Amoah and Mrs Helina Amoah. He is the first born of his parents. He hails from Adanse Aboabo, in the Ashanti region of Ghana. However, he has lived a greater part of his life at Kayense in the Greater Kumasi.

He is a Christian by denomination and fellowships with the churches of Christ. His hobbies are reading, football  and engaging political discourses. Madam clerk, Hon Gideon began his academic journey at a tender age, where he gradually moved through to basic school and then junior high school.

He had his basic education at Hope Academy Basic school, Kumasi. At primary six (6) of the aforementioned school, he was elected as Boys’ Prefect for the basic school. During his basic education, he proceeded to become the Senior Boys’ Prefect at the junior high school.

In 2015, he gained admission to Church of Christ SHS  in the heart of Kumasi where he read General Art. At church of SHS , he was the senior Boys prefect and double as the local SRC President  during his second year. He is a hardworking, innovative, trustworthy, and dedicated, and has high quality interpersonal skills as well as good communication.

“Madam Clerk, this is the person I commend and recommend for the house. For the avoidance of doubt, since my verbiage might have caused some level of perplexity and hence some of us may have lost trend of my submission, I once again beg to move that Hon Gideon  Achiaw Amoah do take the chair of the house as Speaker.” He said.

Clerk to Parliament: Motion moved, any secondment?

Clerk to Parliament: Minority Leader, you have the floor.

“Minority Leader: Madam Clerk, I beg to second the motion that Hon Gideon Achiaw Amoah  do take the chair as Speaker and in so doing recognize that he is a known member. Madam Clerk, before resuming my chair, I will like to suffice my secondment by highlighting some aspect of the profile of Hon Gideon
In 2019, he gained admission to the university to Cape Coast to pursue Bachelor of science Psychology

He is currently in his Fourth year. In his level 100 days, he became a member of parliament for ATLHOP where he has pass through all the Ranks when it comes to the ATLHOP. At home, he is the President of the Kwabre East Municipal student Association.

“Madam clerk, this is a young man who is endowed with leadership qualities which was even evident at his early days. Since time isn’t amiable as it has always been, I will like to summaries my submission.  He has served the hall in various committees. Due to the kind of leadership qualities he possesses, the majority bench which he happens to be a member in that parliament, voted and elected him to be the Majority Leader and the head of the Head of the Business committee. He is the deputy committee head for  the Ability Project NUGS. He has served twice as the organizing of the church of Christ campus ministry (CCCM)   With that being said, madam clerk, I humbly submit.” The Minority Leader added.


Speaking after swearing-in, Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amaoh said, it is with great humility, a deep sense of honor and an unswerving resolve to acknowledge the house’s trust that he takes the mantle as the Speaker of Atlantic Hall Parliamentary Council.

He used the opportunity to express his exquisite gratification to His Excellency the President of the Atlantic Hall and Members of the House for entrusting him with such an incumbency to serve as the Speaker of Parliament of this great hall.

“As the Speaker, I want to express my most appreciation to honorable members for the assurance they have placed in me by affirming my nomination as the Chair of this house.”

Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amaoh indicated that, he is fully aware of not only the honor bestowed on him but the duties and responsibilities of leading this institution which beacons and thrives on the shoulders of our democracy.

“As honorable members are aware, this is not the first time I am being exposed to parliamentary rudiments and modus of parliamentary business but a juggernaut of parliamentary affairs which I think will bode well for our parliament.” He explained.

He assures honorable members that their trust will not be displaced and he will carry out his duties as the leader of the legislative arm of government and the Speaker of this house, hence the title “Speaker”, in a manner that befits your trust and spirit of our constitution and standing orders.

He unequivocally said, “sixty years of existence, we stand as a proud and self-assured hall, confident of its own capacity and ability to mold its destiny. Through elections, affiliates of ATL hall have once again given us, their representatives, an unequivocal mandate and we dare not fail them.”

“We rise and fall as a hall, as one people. Let us therefore resist the temptation to fall back on the same egoistic and pettiness that has taken root in our student political landscape of late. Let us summon a new spirit of loyalty, responsibility, where each one of us resolve to pitch in and work harder, smarter and faster, to ensure that our affiliates have a better quality of life during their stay. Vigorous debate and attacking each other’s policies is part of parliamentary process. It is however important for members to remain conscious that their interaction with each other does not create a perception of society that will divide the hall into segregation polarized. Honorable members, all that I am catching a breath to say is that, I am raising the need to be aware of our influence on the affiliates as their representatives.”

“Let each one of us therefore represent our people with dignity, purpose and honor. Let the parliament continue to be an embodiment of purpose, solidarity, unity and above all lift the banner of our noble hall high. Honorable members, I know we are all fatigue after hard fought elections. I will therefore not bore you with plenty literature to prolong your fatigue, but the work that lies ahead of us requires resilience and courage.” Hon. Gideon Achiaw Amaoh said.

“Honorable members, Martin Luther King cautions us and I quote; “May I stress the need for courageous, intelligent, and dedicated leadership? Leaders of sound integrity. Leaders not in love with publicity, but in love with justice. Leaders not in love with money, but in love with humanity. Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the greatness of the cause.

“Honorable members, what challenges us, who defines us as representatives, is that all that we are is of the people? With that mindset, let us collectively and unreservedly join forces and efforts to make our noble hall stronger and greater”

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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