UCC Lecturer’s experience highlights on reliability of Ghana card for travel

Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong
Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong

UCC Lecturer’s experience highlights on reliability of Ghana card for travel

The National Identification Authority (NIA) is pleased to share a remarkable incident involving Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong, a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, who recently traveled from Germany to Ghana using his Ghana Card after misplacing his passport.

Dr. Acheampong’s experience serves as a testament to the credibility and usefulness of the Ghana Card as a reliable identification document. This incident showcases the convenience and benefits of the Ghana Card, dispelling doubts and promoting its acceptance among Ghanaians.

Dr. Acheampong’s Travel Experience:

Dr. Acheampong shared his experience of unexpectedly misplacing his passport while preparing to board his flight back to Ghana from Germany. Despite the initial panic, he remembered the media reports about the possibility of using the Ghana Card for travel. With his Ghana Card conveniently present in his purse, he decided to explore this alternative option.

Interaction with Air France and Immigration Officials:

Approaching the airline, Dr. Acheampong demonstrated his Ghana Card as proof of his Ghanaian citizenship and his intention to travel to Ghana. The airline, recognizing the Ghana Card as a valid form of identification, scanned it to confirm his identity.

They also consulted with immigration officials at the airport, who verified his status as a Ghanaian citizen. Although he missed his original Air France flight, he was promptly rebooked on a KLM flight due to the alliance between the two airlines.

Benefits of the Linked Ghana Card:

Dr. Acheampong highlighted the advantage of linking his Ghana Card to his passport and driver’s license. This linkage facilitated faster confirmation of his identity by the airline and immigration officials. The machine-readable nature of the Ghana Card allowed for seamless retrieval of the associated information, making the identification process efficient and hassle-free.

Special Processing for Ghana Card Holders:

Upon arrival in Ghana, Dr. Acheampong discovered a dedicated desk at the immigration checkpoint specifically for processing Ghana Card holders.

This specialized desk allowed him to bypass the regular immigration procedures, demonstrating the recognition and acceptance of the Ghana Card by immigration authorities.

Dr. Acheampong’s Testimonial:

Dr. Acheampong admitted his initial skepticism about the Ghana Card’s usability for travel. However, his personal experience not only affirmed its validity but also saved him time and money.

He emphasized the importance of embracing the Ghana Card and other digitization initiatives implemented by the government to enhance national identification and various aspects of the economy.

The National Identification Authority remains committed to providing accurate information and further digitization efforts that benefit all citizens of Ghana.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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