V/R: CHRAJ educates Government institutions on administrative justice

CHRAJ educates Government institutions on administrative justice

The Central Tongu District of the Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice has Commenced Education on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to Government institutions in the District.

Mr Carlos Quaye, the District Director in a meeting with the Central Tongu District health Directorate told  Departmental Heads to always take the rightful decisions in dealing with their subordinates and also decisions must be in the confines of the law.

He has advised that they try not to be selfish in taking decisions pertaining to subordinates.


Mr Quaye explained that Administrative Justice is to ensure timely disposition and re-dress of citizen’s grievances, arising real or perceived acts of unfair treatment of any person.


He said the Commission has an investigative team which conduct investigations into every compliant brought before the Commission for Fair redress. “The commission  Investigates complaints of Maladministration in the public Service and also acts and Practices which are Discriminatory and Oppressive, The commission also investigates abuse of the exercise of discretionary powers and so you must all feel free to Approach our office with your complaints”.

The commission promised to visit all Government and Non Governmental institutions to educate them on Human Right and Administrative Justice in the entire month of February.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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