VIDEO: Axim traders have already Prepared Dolphins washed ashore for the market

A video sighted by indicates that some traders have already prepared fishes washed ashore.

Within the last few days, some Fishes and dolphins were washed ashore under bizarre circumstances.

Following the washing Ashore of these fishes, the Ghana Foods and Drugs Authority—FDA issued a press release cautioning the public against consuming the fishes washed ashore.

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According to the FDA, the public must decease from consuming the fishes washed ashore in the view of the potential risk it may pose when consumed.


Read below the Press Release from the Food and Drugs Authority  

FDA cautions against eating fishes washed ashore

However, the a report compiled by Citi News indicates that some traders in Axim have already prepared some Dolphins for the market.

In the video, a man is seen cutting one of the dolphins washed Ashore into pieces whiles some of the already sliced dolphin is also being smoked.

Watch the Video Below



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