VIDEO: Government worker assaults ‘commercial sɛx worker’ after chopping her and refused to pay


A supposed government worker has reportedly assaulted a commercial sɛx worker after chopping her and refuses to pay for the agreed charges or services rendered.

According to our sources, a young man who was driving a Government vehicle – Mahindra with registration number (GV-127-16) has reportedly hoked up with a Ghanaian commercial sɛx worker on an agreed cost in their hideout.

In a trending video intercepted by, the man was seen physically brutalizing and assaulting the young lady after she exposed him for refusing to pay her the agreed charges after chopping her “tonga”

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It’s alleged that, the man used the government vehicle to pick the lady to their hideout, after enjoying himself and failed to pay her for the services.

In the video, the lady was seen in disagreement with the man of what he wanted to pay by saying, she don’t like his offer, but the man has denied the claims being charged on him by the young lady.

According to her, she rejected the offer (money) the government vehicle driver gave her hence leading to the physical assault on her.

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A critical look at the video shows that, the young lady’s face was swollen and filled with blood stains after being assaulted.




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