VIDEO: Isaac Dogboe’s message of confidence ahead of his battle with Christopher Diaz

Isaac Dogboe
Isaac Dogboe

The former WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Isaac Dogboe of Ghana has sent a heartwarming message of encouragement and confidence to his fans, Ghanaians and supporters ahead of his battle with Christopher Diaz.

Speaking in an interview with sky sports boxing monitored by, Dogboe said, with turn of events so far in the boxing industry, he will say that, he is blessed, God has blessed him immersely.

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He believes that, in any battle he wins, he didn’t do it by himself, but insisted that, it is a collective decision of many people who stood by his side and around him.

Dogboe confidently said, the most important thing in his life is the next level matter how the situations may be.

“I want to be able to do so much that, after l leave the sport, l will look back, l won’t say that, l wished l could have done this or that” He said.

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According to him, he wants to make his fans and Ghanaians proud by leaving an indelible mark in the history of Ghana boxing. “I want my name to be in history.”


The NABF Feather titlist defender noted that, in every situation in life, you need not to give up, because, when ever you keep on moving, it means there’s hope. When you fall, just rise up and keep going forward.

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The Royal Storm #Nehe further explained that, while you give up, it means, the game is over for you. He encourages himself by saying “You cannot give up regardless of anything that may come your way. The troubles will come but let them away by themselves.”

Isaac Dogboe was speaking ahead of the tough match scheduled between him and his opponent Christopher Diaz at Michelob Ultra Arena, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Here’s a little message of encouragement to you all. Be Blessed!




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