VIDEO: Jonathan Worlasi, 3-year-old boy with High IQ miraculously reads books higher than his level

Jonathan Worlasi
Jonathan Worlasi

Three (3) years old Creche boy discovered to have a high Intelligent Quotient (IQ) at Avetile Methodist Basic School.

The boy called Jonathan Worlasi is a three (3) years old special needs boy born on 11th June 2019 and commenced his education in the 2021/2022 academic year at Peki Avetile in the Volta Region of Ghana.

According to her mother, Esinam Ahinkrah, before they enrolled their son in school, he cannot talk. Back home, the common language they all communicate in was Ewe but Jonathan started speaking the English language within a short period after being enrolled in school.

Further, she added saying his (Jonathan) Teachers told her about Jonathan: a hyperactive nature and acting strange among his colleagues at his age. He always, read words higher than his class’ level.

Jonathan is fond of picking books that interest him from the teacher’s table and pronouncing words in them correctly even though their lessons have not reached such a level.

Assessing Jonathan’s situation medically, they resort to the help of a Mental Health Nurse.

Through assessment, the Mental Health Nurse identified that Jonathan has a higher IQ.

Before the medical assessment, he was prevented from going to school because, his actions were blamed on spirituality as told by the Teacher.

But after it being heard by the school’s Headmistress, she called for Jonathan hence seeking for medical scientific solutions backed with facts.



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