VIDEO: NPP admits EC resorted to their pink sheets at the collation center

EC Chairperson, Mrs. Jean Mensa
EC Chairperson, Mrs. Jean Mensa

There has been a lot of talk about the dealings between the NPP and the Electoral Commission concerning the way results were updated and collated from certain polling stations and constituencies upon the final declaration of the 2020 general election.

One spokesman from the NPP in a press conference granted to some media houses has cleared the air on what actually occurred between the Electoral Commission and the NPP.

LIVE: NPP addresses a counter press conference on election results


“All the pink sheets, we have all our pink sheets so anybody who claims we don’t have our pink sheets is lying. Even at the collation center when the Electoral Commission was looking for pink sheets they were consulting us.

Because we managed to gather all our pink sheets a few hours after the closing of polls.

Armed attack on MP elect for Keta Constituency politically motivated

As you can see if we were to count them one by one you’ll see that we have all our pink sheets here. So we want to thank you for coming” he concluded

This press conference was granted as a result of the incident which occurred at the Techiman South Constituency.

Watch the video from the press conference below. 



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